FAVOR Trailer – Would You Move A Dead Body For A Friend?

Paul Osborne‘s new film, Favor, is an original take on the strength of friendship – at least in the sense that most friendship films do not deal with disposing of a body. There are few tests better to accurately judge the strength of a friendship, right? Just be happy you’re not in their shoes. In Favor, Blayne Weaver plays Kip Desmond, whose current fling ends up being killed accidentally in a motel room. He turns to his childhood friend Marvin, played by Patrick Day, to help him get rid of the body.

Based on the trailer, Kip is a decent guy who has run into some terrible luck. After he and a waitress named Abby go back to his hotel room to fool around, Abby allegedly falls off the bed and hits her head, causing her to die. This is where Kip’s childhood friend, Marvin, enters the picture. Marvin only has Kip’s word to go by, so he has to make a decision and ask himself a very important question: Assuming that Kip is telling the truth about the death being accidental, to what extent should he help? When Marvin asks Kip why he doesn’t just call the cops, Kip responds emphatically: “This would ruin me!”

FavorKip is also a married man, to a woman other than Abby, so exposed infidelity is another contributing factor to him wanting to keep the death on the down-low. At one point, Marvin tells Kip to go home to his wife and not worry about it, to which Kip says “I owe you big.”

“We have to lay low,” the anxious Kip says at one point. “You do realize what’s at stake here, right Marvin?” Eventually, Marvin keeps showing up at Kip’s door with Kip’s wife referring to Marvin as a “stalker.” Knowing that their secret is a very important one, Marvin can use to blackmail and exploit Kip if he so pleases, the psychological game between these two childhood friends looks riveting.

Favor will be available on iTunes and VOD on April 22nd. The film’s director, Paul Osborne, is an emerging filmmaker from Santa Monica. His 2006 mystery-thriller Ten ’til Noon became a cult favorite of sorts after release. Osborne’s films so far are extremely engrossing and have an element of crime within them, taking viewers to scenarios so anxious and emotionally-driven that visiting a recovery website after viewing wouldn’t be a bad idea. He certainly knows how to raise the stakes.

The film has already received praise from viewers on IMDB, who have applauded the lead performances of Weaver and Day. Their characters’ relationship looks like it will be extremely interesting, to say the least. Kip appears to have a type A personality, highly energetic and somewhat scatterbrained. Patrick, on the other hand, is more reserved and referred to as a “loser” in society, but could that suggest he’s more of a wild card? Either way, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to Favor, which should propel Osborne’s thrill-driven filmmaking to further recognition.

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