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One of the most original films of 2014 could be Favor, a thriller directed by Paul Osborne that has already drawn acclaim at many festivals. So far, audiences have been engrossed by its story of two childhood friends who are reunited as adults to solve a very pressing issue: get rid of a dead body. ScreenInvasion is proud to premier it’s brand new trailer. Check it out:


Favor interweaves the story of childhood friendship with high-stakes crime. Kip Desmond is a fast-talking married man whose adulterous escapade at a hotel goes awry when his mistress unexpectedly hits her head and dies, at least according to Kip. He eventually runs into old childhood buddy Marvin. Considering their extensive history together, Kip decides that Marvin would be an ideal partner to help dispose of the body, so it doesn’t impact Kip’s marriage or professional life.


The trailer for Favor wonderfully embodies the film’s thrilling plot, as well as the engrossing chemistry of embattled friends Kip and Marvin, played by Blayne Weaver and Patrick Day. “We’ve got a lot of history; we go back a long time and that means something,” Kip explains to Marvin in the hotel room. “You used to say you could tell how good a friend is by whether or not they’d help you move a dead body.” This is just before Kip half-whispers in frantic fear: “I need your help!”


What follows next is Marvin’s clear commitment to helping Kip hide his mistress’ body. But it’s not without consequence, especially as Marvin mentions that Kip owes him big time. Eventually, Marvin starts showing up at Kip’s house, alarming both Kip and his confused wife. It’s clear that Marvin feels he is owed something for cleaning up Kip’s mess. He also has no problem threatening Kip with knowledge of the body disposal until he gets what he wants. Clearly, Kip is in trouble. It’s a mystery as to what he’ll do to try and alleviate Marvin’s demands, all while keeping the abrupt death of his mistress a secret.


Kip has plenty to lose: a lovely wife, a beautiful house and a high-paying job. It’s easy to see why he didn’t call the police in the first place. But now, he has to deal with Marvin who isn’t quite as innocent as he was during their childhood friendship. Every friendship has a dark side, especially this one.


As several critics have noted, Favor is an amazingly tense tale that grabs viewers from the opening shot. The relationship between Kip and Marvin is carried by the outstanding acting performances of Weaver and Day. Weaver seamlessly churns out a neurotic, fast-taking burst of anxiety, while Day perfectly encapsulates the stone-cold contractor who wants his favor returned. If one of them goes missing, the investigators in the trailer may be forced to launch a police chief executive search as a precaution.


Favor will hit iTunes and Video On Demand on April 22nd. This is a can’t-miss experience for any thriller fans, especially considering Osborne’s talents as a director in addition to the electric performances of Weaver and Day. Based on the trailer and early critical acclaim, it’s clear that Favor could be one of this year’s greatest thrillers. Don’t miss it.


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