Everything We Know About MAD MEN’s Final Season So Far

While fanboys and girls have been going gaga over the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, I’m waiting on bated breath for the final season of one of the very best shows to ever grace the television screen. Mad Men‘s seventh and final season will begin airing on AMC starting April 13.

Matthew Weiner is notorious for not letting any spoilers out about the show before it airs, so what we know so far pretty limited. The final season will likely deal with the aftermath of Don getting ousted from the company after a rare moment of truth when he confessed about his troubled upbringing in the middle of a Hershey’s Chocolate pitch meeting.

In case you need a refresher, here’s a great recap of the entire series thus far:

[youtube id=”Tue6lOzPolI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

While I normally hate 15 second teaser trailers, it works surprisingly well for Mad Men given how close Matthew Weiner keeps everything to the vest. So with less than 15 seconds of footage and the released photos, all we can gather is that the office is taking a trip. Personally, I think they all make the jump to Los Angeles and leave New York and the 60s behind. It was hinted at last season, they made plans to open an LA branch office, they took trips out to get clients, but in the end it didn’t happen and Don seemed content to stay in New York for a while longer. But the teaser and all the images pertain to airports and show a much more 70s vibe. Weiner had some knowledge to share with the guys at ScreenCrush. Check out what he had to say about the next season:

A lot of what we’re dealing with this season, and I won’t be too specific about it, is we’re acknowledging what happened to Don at the end of last season. That really did happen. He lost his job but also had a silent moment of reconciliation with his daughter. And he had that breakdown at the Hershey meeting where his anxiety was expressed as a confession. The consequences of that activity were kind of what we’re writing about on some level. What part is irrevocable? Just because you feel different doesn’t mean the world thinks you’re different. And it’s hard to prove that you changed or to know if you’ve really changed.

Specifically as the show comes to a close I was interested in the material versus the immaterial world. The world of money, ambition, possession and the concrete and not-so-concrete expressions of love. For Don it definitely seems like an acquisition on some level. And then the immaterial, which is that, on some level inside these characters there is a world beyond that that is not what we see. If those other needs are met, or not met, how will that affect them?

Watch the teaser trailer for Mad Men‘s final season:

Check out the amazing new photos in our gallery:

What do you think will happen in Mad Men’s seventh and final season?

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