ENEMY Trailer Looks Scary Good

Film adaptions of books have always been a big hit, particularly within the genres of young adult fantasy and literary fiction. But it looks like Denis Villeneuve is making a change to this with his upcoming adaption of Jose Saramongo’s The Double, a psychosexual thriller set to come out in theaters March 14.

Enemy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as both lead characters, is about a history teacher who becomes infatuated with an actor he notices in a film that looks exactly like him. Both his and his mysterious doppelganger’s lives become forever changed when he tracks down the actor.

From the trailer, thankfully not too much is revealed about the events of the film other than the main idea that the protagonist discovers a man who looks exactly like him. It is clear that their two lives become intertwined, but not to what extent. We know they eventually meet in a hotel and see flashes of trouble, danger, and sex.  However, because of the uncertainty that we don’t know which Gyllenhaal is which, the trailer seems to hint that the primary character may have infiltrated the actor’s life.

The trailer also asks several other subtle questions that pull viewers even further into the story. For one, when a friend gives the teacher the film recommendation, the trailer suggests that that person may have a particular reason for doing so. If so, is that person somehow involved in this odd circumstance of the protagonist having a look-alike, or did he just happen to notice an actor that looked similar to his friend and figured he would recommend the film to him as a result? We also begin to wonder if the look-alike attempts to trick the original’s wife into sleeping with him. Or, if it’s the wife who is doing the tricking.

Above all else, however, is the primary question that the film asks its viewers: what would you do if you found out there was someone else out there who looked exactly like you? Would you want to meet him or her? If your circumstances weren’t as desirable, would you perhaps steal your double’s life and make it your own? What if he or she was a disability lawyer with a lucrative practice and a fat paycheck? The movie is called “Enemy” instead of “Double” so we know that these two are out to get each other.

From the trailer, it seems that the entire film is devoid of any color. There are hints of blues, reds and greens, but they are scarce. Instead, the entire film seems to be in set in a single, yellowish color, almost like sepia. The unique coloring definitely adds to the eeriness of the movie, not that things can get any weirder than a person having an identical twin who doesn’t seem to be related (a scene shows one of the Gyllenhaal’s mother stating that he is her only child).

This is one that I’m really excited to see. For all the recycled plots in Hollywood, this one looks fresh and original. Look for it out March 14.

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