DELIVER US FROM EVIL Trailer Is Frighteningly Engaging

Based on a book and the real-life story of New York cop Ralph Sarchie, the new drama Deliver Us From Evil stars Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn, Sean Harris and Joel McHale. Bana plays Ralph Sarchie, an officer of the NYPD, who works to solve a string of increasingly creepy occurrences. To uncover the truth behind these events, Sarchie works with a priest (Ramirez) who is knowledgeable about various spiritual topics, including exorcism. Together, they fight a plague of demonic activity, which they label as primary evil (probably where the title of the movie came from).

Brought to life by Scott Derrickson, the director of Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, the movie appears–with insight from the trailer–to contain an air of the haunting supernatural that we typically and almost universally associate with horror. This horror story is made complicated by an element of mystery that is often absent from the genre, creating a more engaging story. Even in its trailer there is a sense of suspense that will keep you watching.

Hauntingly Suspenseful and Frighteningly Engaging

The trailer portrays a movie that is equally frightening and suspenseful. In fact, the movie will undoubtedly be scary, as just watching the trailer alone is enough to make you shiver. The Deliver Us From Evil trailer leaves you wide-eyed and leaning forward to see what happens next.

The trailer itself doesn’t give much away. The scenes are slow to progress in the extended trailer, fading in and out, allowing the mystery to linger and the suspense to build. It isn’t graphic and doesn’t show a lot of violence, but the scary factor is up there—way up there. As frightening as it is to watch adults tormented by demonic activity, watching Sarchie’s family and his little girl terrified by unexplainable movements and sounds in her bedroom elevates this trailer to a new level of creepy.

You’ll Hunt for the Theater to Experience the Haunt of It


By the end of the trailer, viewers aren’t provided with much detail regarding the plot of the movie. It is just informative enough to be called a teaser, giving its viewers enough material and dialog to entice their eager minds. The video fades out just before a climactic scene, leaving the viewers wondering what was about to happen. If you are interested in this movie even before you’ve viewed the trailer, you’ll probably be in line when it comes into theaters on July 2, 2014 after watching it.

The Deliver Us From Evil trailer ends on such a suspenseful note that waiting for the movie to come out might be tough for some people. If you are the sort of person who needs to see the entire story right away, if not knowing how the movie turns out will bug you for the next few months, do a little mosquito prevention and don’t watch the trailer right away. Your typical anticipation will be especially heightened for this film, as the trailer itself is enough to haunt you!

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