Why NON-STOP’s Corey Stoll is Awesome

Corey Stoll or to many, Rep. Peter Russo, is one of the coolest actors in the business who sort of recently has become pretty popular. (This post might have some spoilers for things he’s been in…SO WARNING! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!)

Whether you binge watched him on House of Cards or have seen him in the recently released Non-Stop (read our review of the film here) chances are you’ve seen him in something. He’s one of those actors who has a pretty cool resume, but just hadn’t found the right role to gain more recognition…and then House of Cards happened. He portrayed the awesome character of Rep. Peter Russo, who was dealing with some personal demons from drinking to taking drugs and just being someone who seemed like his life just couldn’t be turned around no matter what good came to him. What he did with that role turned him into an actor to look out for and he got a Golden Globe nomination for his outstanding portrayal of Peter Russo. He was able to keep up with Kevin Spacey and make us think…man, this guy is pretty damn talented. Now he’s in the film Non-Stop and not only does he have a big role in it, he’s almost in most of the frames of the film! He plays Austin Reilly, a cop, who is quite a badass and will do whatever he wants to get some answers. He was able to keep up with Liam Neeson and show us, yet again, that this guy is pure talent and will be able to keep up with anyone in the business.

He was also in the Woody Allen directed, Midnight in Paris as Ernest Hemingway. He was in the latest Bourne film The Bourne Legacy, Salt, Push, Lucky Number Slevin, Law & Order: LA, and he had minor roles in Law & Order, Without a Trace, CSI: Miami, ER, Alias, and NYPD Blue. That’s just some of his awesome resume. I am personally rooting for him to be in many more films and or TV shows because seeing the rise of an actor who has been brilliant in everything he has done from major to minor roles is beautiful. 

One thing I noticed is that Corey is a great facial actor. What do I mean? You look at his facial expressions or eyes and you can instantly tell what emotion he’s feeling. Through his eyes he’s able to convey sadness in a beautiful way. For instance, take a look at these pictures from scenes from House of Cards & Non-Stop:

Also, check him out in action as Ernest Hemingway in Midnight in Paris:

See? He’s pretty damn awesome. He takes the character he’s playing and makes it his own. If you didn’t know Corey Stoll before reading this article, I hope you are now going to get on your Netflix accounts to watch House of Cards to start your journey into loving this awesome man. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! Are you a fan of his already? Which role of his is your favorite?


Picture credits to House of Cards and Non-Stop!


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