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Cheers! Drink Up Today and Play The Oscars Drinking Game

The glitz, the glamor, the biz! The Oscars is the pinnacle of award season and many argue of the film industry itself. It’s an honor just to be nominated and all that jazz. However, 3+ hours of patting itself on the back can be a little much for some people. So here’s a game for the lovers and haters a like! Pop some bottles, get your red carpet snark ready, and play The Oscars Drinking Game from our friends at Drinking Cinema.


The Oscars Drinking Game Rules:

Drink whenever:

  • A movie that you’ve actually seen is mentioned (watching the animated shorts at work counts). Haven’t seen ANY of the movies? Drink every time you’ve at least seen the trailer. Also, what is wrong with you?
  • The host makes fun of Hollywood and the celebs are like “ha-ha I can laugh at myself…. I hate you.” (For examples, see Ricky Gervais at the 2011 Golden Globes.)
  • They announce the winner and then immediately cut to one of the losers. It’s too bad they don’t do concession speeches as well as acceptance speeches — I feel like those ones would be a LOT more entertaining.
  • An announcer (or, what the hell, one of your friends) makes some couture commentary. Double-drink if the celebrity actually has to talk about what they’re wearing.
  • A long-winded celeb is ushered off stage with a music send-off! Ziggy says “send your beer off for the music send-off” but we’re pretty sure that would kill people.
  • The camera pans to a celebrity couple. Drink for two if one of them is pregnant.
  • A celebrity, despite their millions of dollars, looks homeless for some reason. Is it rebellion? Lifestyle choice? Impending mental breakdown? You decide.
  • An award-winner decides that now is a good time to go on a rambling, unrelated rant about politics/push-ups/Jane Austen/their brother/their hairdresser/what have you.
  • Back is the new cleavage! Drink your beer backwards if a celeb’s dress showcases the most sensual of bony body parts… the scapula.
  • Take a shot if there is some kind of Lifetime Achievement slideshow montage (either in honor of the person or to get through the eyeroll-inducing gravitas).
  • TEAR-BEERS: finish your beer for crying celeb! Bonus points if the celeb is crying because they didn’t win.
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