BRICK MANSIONS May Be Paul Walker’s Most Physical Role [Trailer]

In the second theatrical trailer for the upcoming action movie Brick Mansions, Fast & Furious star, Paul Walker, showcases his physicality.


Unlike the original Brick Mansions trailer released in February, this new clip is much more character-centered. The viewer becomes immersed in Walker’s story. Playing the role of Detective Damien Collier, he has been assigned to infiltrate a neighborhood of ‘brick mansions’ enclosed by a massive surrounding wall because it is too dangerous inside. Behind those walls, Tremaine Alexander (RZA) and his dangerous gang are holding the Mayor of the city hostage. Collier has a score to settle, for the drug kingpin is responsible for the murder of his father, who was also once a cop. The detective has spent his whole career seeking revenge.

Walker will not be alone in his efforts to take down Tremaine. Collier’s partner on this mission, convict Lino (David Belle), also has reason to take part and knows the ins and outs of Brick Mansions. Lino’s girlfriend has also been taken hostage by Tremaine, yet that subplot takes a backseat in this new trailer. Ultimately, Walker is in the limelight and portrayed to viewers as a true action hero.

Stunts on Stunts

As action movie goers know, many fight scenes take place around construction equipment. And trailer viewers will quickly notice that this movie will feature a ton of fight scenes. Detective Damien Collier was arguably Walker’s most physically demanding flick, as he flips, kicks and punches his way to take down Tremaine and avenge his father. Following his co-star’s lead, Walker becomes trained in Parkour. Known as a holistic training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training, expect many epic stunts. For instance, in the trailer alone, we see Walker engage in all sorts of crazy stunts, including:

  • Jumping onto a enemy’s back, flipping over his head and then kicking him
  • Jumping out of a window and landing on a car
  • Riding on the trunk of a car
  • Leaning backwards onto to table to avoid getting axed
  • Whipping around a Ford Mustang
  • Throwing a brick at the camera

All of the stunts and moments in the trailer above were quite exciting. Yet, what should really grab the viewer’s attention is the scene at the trailer’s end. Before jumping off a building in order to reach the adjacent structure that seems too far away, Walker says, “this is a really bad idea.” Not coming close to his intended target, the viewer is left watching Walker plummet to the ground below.

The Mind Behind Brick Mansions

Co-Writer/Producer Luc Besson’s Brick Mansions is the American remake of the French filmmaker’s own District B13 (2004). David Belle was actually in the decade-old original, (with a name change from “Leito” to “Lino”). Brick Mansions opens on April 25th and will look to attract action movie lovers and parkour enthusiasts alike.

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