7 Things We Learned from DIVERGENT’s Press Conference

Divergent not only topped this weekend’s box office with a gross of $54.6M, but a sequel (Insurgent, based on the second book of the series that inspired the film) has already been green lit by Lionsgate. Worldwide fans have posted online coverage of every single move the two main protagonists Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James (Four) make, from the moment this project was announced to its final release day. And after hearing what the actors had to say during LA’s Press Conference for the film, I can see why the massive adoration. Not only Woodley is incredibly charming, eloquent, and smart, but you can tell she has the type of maturity at 22 years old to suddenly become an international superstar and handle it effortlessly. And also her costar has both the presence and humility his fans ramble about.

When asked about if she had received any advice from Hunger Games‘s star Jennifer Lawrence she answered:

“We had one conversation. I sent her an email. She said: “Don’t do anything stupid, don’t do drugs or go to Whole Foods the day the movie opens and you’ll be fine”. The amount of beauty and positivity that come with it will transcend any of the other complications”

About her character Tris:

“A lot of Tris has resonated with me. Compassion and empathy were two things ingrained into my system (growing up). A difference is Tris has really long blonde hair and I don’t”.

About Theo James:

“Don’t let his easygoing manners fool you.  That dude boxes in real life, and he’s not afraid to be strong. So if I forgot to duck, or moved left instead of right, I’d have been knocked cold. That was a terrifying fight scene”.

And speaking of James, this is what he responded regarding what do the main characters see in each other:

“I think it’s an interesting relationship. It’s not based on lots of swooning. He sees that she is not only selfless, but also strong. And she sees his rippling abs”

His most challenging scene with his costar ( a fight):

“It was a pretty dynamic fight scene, visceral and painful. And Shay gets punched in the face many times, and that’s quite hardcore in many ways. But the toughest stunt with Shai was that I wanted to practice the kissing scene as much as possible, but she wasn’t really into it. ‘Listen tonight, do you want to go over that scene again?”

Douglas Wick (Producer) had nothing but praise about the young onscreen couple:

” We were seeing all the young stars in town. There was all this jockeying from the major agencies. ‘This guy’s the next Steve McQueen, this guy’s the next Paul Newman.’ And we brought each of those guys to read with Shailene and she blew them away. She made them seem weak. And finally we tested Theo, who in the first moment was so exactly right. And when you’ve tasted failure for several weeks, it’s even more clear”

James had some final notes about his screen persona Four:

“I had an immediate affinity for the character. He walks into a room and doesn’t need to be the loudest voice, but you still feel his presence. Also there’s this dangerous stillness I felt he had when reading the book. I love masculine characters that don’t have to be shouting in someone’s face”.


Divergent is now in theaters and it’s rated PG-13.

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