7 Awesome Facts About DIVERGENT’s Theo James

If you have absolutely no idea who Theo James is, it’s time you find out just how awesome this talented British actor is! He has that face that makes you think, “Have I seen him in something before?” and chances are you might have even though he has quite a small resume. He’s been in amazing stuff like Downton Abbey (1 episode), a short lived show called Golden Boy (which many people became more familiar with him from), Underworld: Awakening, The Inbetweeners, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, and of course the newly released Divergent (read our review of the film here). Since Divergent is sure to make him more of a household name, here are some things I found out about him that’ll make you love him!

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1. He earned an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Nottingham

2. He trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol, England

3. He made his TV debut on the UK show A Passionate Woman (alongside Billie Piper)!

4. Divergent is his first real lead starring role (and he did a fantastic job in the film!)

5. He was the singer and guitarist for the London based band Shere Khan. Although, they aren’t a band anymore as they all went on to do their own things.

6. He’s the youngest of 5 children, he has two brothers and two sisters.

7. His real name is Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis. His paternal grandfather was Greek. Also, we can decipher that he got Theo James from shortening his first name and using one of his middle names.

Now, with Divergent out in theaters everyone will be talking about this guy and I’m glad because he is indeed quite awesome and very talented. Here’s to him starring in many more films. Leave your comments in the comments section below! Were you familiar with Theo before Divergent? What’s your favorite film or show he’s been in? Look out for his future films: the next two installments in the Divergent series, London Fields and Franny.

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