5 Facts You Didn’t Know About DIVERGENT’s Ansel Elgort

If you have absolutely no idea who Ansel Elgort is, it’s time you know because he’s quickly taking over Hollywood! He is a talented young actor who has starred in the Carrie remake, the recently released Divergent as Tris’s brother Caleb, and is starring as Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars which will be released on June 6th. With a short resume, he’s already making his presence known and is doing a fine job at it! Once TFIOS comes out, every single person on planet earth will be talking about this lovely young star and it’s time we learn some facts about him!

1. He’s a trained ballet dancer (I can hear all the ladies of the world swooning just like i am!) He also tap dances, so he’s a dancing machine!!!

2. He’s an electronic dance music producer and is releasing his first record, Unite, on April 16! No full album yet, but this is pretty exciting! His alter ego name is Ansolo. 

3.  He plays the piano and writes songs and well I think we’ve all figured out that he’s quite musically awesome.

4. He starred on stage in the production Regrets, while still in High School.

5. When he was 15 he modeled for Teen Vogue and his father, Arthur Elgort, has worked as a photographer for Vogue while his mother, Grethe Barrett Holby, is an Opera director

So what we can all establish from this is that Ansel Elgort is the real deal. It’s not everyday someone comes into the business and can do just about anything. It’s refreshing see such an awesome new face, who I think, is leading a new pack of young actors and actresses. Many people are really excited to see him as Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars, which is quite a wonderful and beloved book by a lot of people, and judging by what we’ve seen him in so far…it’s safe to say he’ll be down right wonderful in it. He’ll be in the next films in the Divergent trilogy along with the film Men, Women & Children which will be directed by Jason Reitman. I’m looking forward to his future career in both film and music! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! What do you guys think of Ansel? What’s your current favorite movie he has done?



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