The Way She Goes: The TRAILER PARK BOYS are Back

After seven seasons, two movies, a Christmas special and a national tour, the Trailer Park Boys are still going strong. What began as a low budget mockumentary of trailer park life turned into the most popular cable show in Canada. The boys have only been able to attain cult status here in the United States, and while that isn’t likely to change, it’s still exciting to see them return with the new film Trailer Park Boys 3: Don’t Legalize It.

The trailer opens with an introduction from Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, the main “Trailer Park Boys” who spend their days coming up with ridiculous schemes to make enough cash to buy some liquor and pepperoni. Ricky thought shooting an intro for the trailer meant literally shooting at trailers, and even brought a trunk full of guns for the occasion. After some more banter, the trailer moves into actual footage from the film.

The “Don’t Legalize It” in the title refers to the boy’s main source of income; marijuana. Few can grow it as well as Ricky, and Canada wants to legalize it, putting them out of business. To fight against legalization, the boys travel to Ottawa to stop parliament from making that happen. Now, why Ricky can’t just open up his own weed shop after marijuana is legalized is beyond me, but it’s “Trailer Park Boys.” These are the same people who stole a bunch of hash, then hid it in plain sight by making it a driveway. Roll with it.

The rest of the trailer features all of the mainstays from the series, including wannabe white rapper J-Roc, ex-cop turned trailer park supervisor Mr. Lahey and his lover, the always shirtless Randy.

John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells and Mike Smith reprise the characters that, to be honest, they may also be in real life. The three of them spend so much time in character, either shooting films, TV shows (an eighth season is on the way) or touring, that there’s probably more footage of them as the “Trailer Park Boys” than of themselves.

At this point, the concern with any “Trailer Park Boys” outing is freshness. All three actors are well into their forties, and they look it. One has to wonder how long they can keep playing three buffoons stuck in reverse convincingly. Eventually, the boys should wind up in jail for life or get their act together, right?

“Don’t Legalize It” may not win over any new fans, but those of us who love the trailer park life should be very satisfied. The film opens April 18 in Canada, just in time for 4/20.

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