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THE WALKING DEAD “Claimed” Episode Recap

Last week was all about various members of team prison and what they were going through and this week we got more Rick, Michonne, Carl, Glenn, Tara and the new characters. (SPOILERS FOLLOW! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! ) We see some really great moments between Michonne and Carl that was refreshing to see. Michonne is really making the effort to open up more and be more sisterly in a way to Carl. I mean, I take it as sisterly…maybe she’s trying to be motherly? Either way, it’s good for Carl! It’ll get him to perk up and be a happy kid!

Since every new episode in the 2nd half of this season has been focused on team prison and the groups they’re all in, my recap will once again focus on what happened with each group:

Glenn, Tara and the new characters: The episode starts off with Tara riding in the back of a truck with Glenn and the new characters Sergeant Abraham Ford, Rosita, and Dr. Eugene Porter (mullet!!!!). They stop and a few walkers catch up to them and Abraham comes out of the truck and starts killing the walkers. We see he has a sense of humor and seems like he’s probably a really cool dude. He then smiles and Tara makes note of that, because she hasn’t seen that in a long time. They then get back to what they were doing and continue driving. Once Glenn begins to wake up he gets confused as to why he’s on a truck with Tara. Tara tells him what happened and Glenn asks if they passed the bus that had all of the sick folks from Woodbury on it. Tara says yes and Glenn tells Abraham to stop the truck. Once the truck stops Glenn gets out. Glenn is determined to get back there, because he knows that’s where Maggie would go to find him (she did in the episode last week!). Abraham gets out along with the rest of the guys and tells Glenn that it’s hopeless to think that his wife is alive, and he shouldn’t think about going back there alone. Abraham and his crew need him and Tara, but Glenn still isn’t budging and is determined to go find Maggie. Abraham tells him he won’t survive out there then Glenn turns around and punches Abraham and that starts a fight between them and while they’re all focused in on that…the corn field around them starts sprouting out walkers left and right and Dr. Porter gets a machine gun and starts shooting at them (also shooting at the truck and ruining it), and the fight stops and they start shooting at the rest of the walkers. After that ends, Abraham then tells Glenn who the rest of his crew are and we learn that Dr. Eugene Porter knows what started the zombie outbreak and they were on route to Washington, because Dr. Porter was communicating with people there and suddenly they stopped responding. (Does this guy really know what happened? Can he cure it like he says he can? Also, Comic book readers are loving this!!!) Glenn still doesn’t care and he starts walking back in route of the bus and Tara follows along telling him that she wrote down all the street names and can get them back. Rosita then follows them and that makes Abraham and Eugene follow along. Abraham and Tara share some words with each other and throughout the episode it seems as if Abraham is probably a really good dude with good intentions. Do you think they’ll all get along and eventually find Maggie? Will Glenn and Tara follow along with Abraham and his group in route to Washington and will that be the end of Glenn reuniting with the other members of team prison? Who knows!

Rick, Carl and Michonne: When we get to them we see Carl and Michonne about to have some cereal. They both share laughs and talk about soy milk and have a really cute moment that makes us forget the bad conditions they’re in momentarily. Once Carl brings up Judith (who they still think is dead, but isn’t!) he gets up and leaves. Michonne then joins Rick in the kitchen of the house they’re in, Rick thanks Michonne for making Carl laugh, he’d forgotten how that sounded. Michonne asks Rick if this is where they’ll stay for good or is it a safe haven for a little bit and then they’ll start walking to another house? Rick says it’s good to stay there for a while and Michonne then says that she and Carl will go look for some supplies. Rick volunteers to join, but Michonne insists on him resting a bit since he was unconscious the night before. He agrees to that and Michonne and Carl start to head out and Rick tells them to get back by noon. Once they leave, Rick goes upstairs and gets a book then lays in bed. We then see that he fell asleep, and suddenly he’s awakened by a bunch of shouting and noise and we realize that UH OH someone’s in the house! Michonne and Carl start going through houses and once they get into a house Carl decides to start asking Michonne a few questions. Clear and get some supplies in the room and he’d get an answer. Michonne reveals that she had a son and tells Carl he’s the only one who knows. Carl says that it’s safe with him and he won’t tell anyone. This adds to the great bond these two are getting. Michonne then seperates from Carl in the house and enters a kids room, she gets a little emotional and then enters another room which looks really creepy with pink walls and then we see that a whole family has died in that room. Bodies on the beds and a body on a chair. It looks as if that family might have completely given up and died together. Michonne walks out and then she and Carl get out of the house. One more moment between them that is really cute is when Michonne takes out some crazy cheese and puts some in her mouth and starts acting like a walker, although Carl didn’t seem like he thought it was funny…it was cute to see Michonne being well…cute like that! Now, back to Rick. He wakes up after hearing all that noise and scrambles around trying to find a weapon and finds nothing, he then sees someone walk upstairs so he thinks of the next best thing and hides under the bed. For a quite a few minutes that random guy starts walking around the room and Rick is under the bed creating one of the most tension filled scenes of the season! He then lays on the bed and that forces Rick to stay put. Another guy then walks upstairs and demands the guy on the bed to either scoot over or get up so he can rest. He then gets the guy on the bed and begins wrestling him to the floor where he begins choking him and the guy on the floor sees Rick. Rick is obviously worried, but the guy being choked doesn’t do anything and that ends that. The guy who choked the other guy then lays on the bed for a while. Rick finally makes a ninja escape from under the bed and goes from room to room…like a ninja. More guys comes upstairs and Rick enters another room and his in the bed side of the room where he almost has an encounter with another guy. He then runs into a bathroom and closes the door and then looks to his right and sees someone! Rick then charges at this guy and they get into quite an epic scuffle and Rick ends up choking him to death with a gun strap. He gets out of the bathroom like a badass ninja and jumps off the roof and ninja glides to a wall and stays there. One of the guys from the house then walks out and makes himself comfy outside. Rick sees from a far that Michonne and Carl are on their way back and immediately plans to get this guy when suddenly people in the house make noise and this guy runs back inside and Rick runs to Michonne and Carl and they run away. PHEW!


After that whole ordeal, they end up by a truck that has a sign talking about a sanctuary (yes! it might just be the one that Ty, Carol, Judith and the kids made their way too..hello reunion!!) and Michonne asks Rick what he thinks and he tells them lets go and they begin walking to the sanctuary. Next week’s episode looks like it’ll be based on only Daryl and Beth and what ordeals they get into as they are trying to find the others.

What did you guys think of this episode? Sound off in the comments section below and if I missed something from the episode, tell me in the comments section because I might have missed something…who knows!


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