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THE WALKING DEAD Catchup and “Inmates” Episode Recap

Last weeks mid-season premiere brought us up to date with what happened to 3 members of team prison and it ended in a reunion between them.


Rick and Carl were together and Michonne was all on her own. Carl was suddenly turning into a typical teenager getting mad at his dad and shunning him out and eventually yelling at him while he was unconscious and telling him he doesn’t need him anymore. Much of the episode showed us Carl attempting to survive on his own, while thinking his dad probably died. After a few near death experiences, he finally went back to his dad and at night we saw Rick somewhat wake up and Carl assumed his dad had turned and was having a traumatic time trying to shoot him and suddenly gave up and was ready to be bitten by his dad. Then we hear Rick speak, in a rough voice and tell his son not to go outside and then he collapses again and Carl hugs his dads face and tells him he’s scared. Michonne was the one who was still at the prison and killed a few walkers, even got new pet walkers, and then she was leaving she saw Hershel’s head on the floor and it had turned, so she took her sword and put it through Hershel’s head and slowly out of respect took it out and caressed his head. We also saw Michonne have a flashback dream, which took us to her being with her boyfriend, his friend and her baby. We now know why she was so emotional was Judith back in season 3. After all of that, she then walked amongst several walkers, completely zoned out until she noticed a walker that looked sort of like her. She then came back to reality and killed that walker along with the rest of the walkers in what ended up being the most badass scene with Michonne to date. Eventually Michonne ends up tracking down Rick and Carl (Rick ends up coming back to consciousness) and she knocks on the door of the house Rick and Carl are in and Rick checks to see who it is and he begins to laugh and tells Carl, “It’s for you”.

Phew! Now for this episode. Episode 10 “Inmates“, focused on the rest of team prison and where they all ran off to as the war at the prison was happening. We also witness the return of one character and we find out the fate of another!  The episode starts off with Beth talking and reciting what seemed like a diary entry or just something she was perhaps saying to her mother (who died and was in the barn back in season 2). It was, in my opinion, one of if not the best beginning to an episode in a while. Looking back at the fact that the barn was overrun by walkers and half of the people from the barn are now gone, all the positives she was saying seem like such a distant memory.

Now I’m going to put down each team prison group and tell you guys exactly what happened with each in this episode:

Beth and Daryl – in the beginning they were running away from a small herd of walkers attacking them. At night they sat around a fire they had made from some paper and Beth continuously talked and was trying everything in her will power to make Daryl understand that everyone else in team prison has to be alive. They can’t be the only survivors. Daryl continues to stare at the fire, and looks visibly upset and sad. Having witnessed his brother as a walker and now having seen Hershel die, Daryl is definitely feeling like all hope is pretty much lost. As they get up and continue in search of their fellow group members, along the way they get attacked by more walkers and at some points come across tracks they think is left by someone who is most definitely alive. A few clues lead us to believe, if you watch closely, that Beth and Daryl are actually catching up to where Tyreese and the kids have been. The grapes on the floor, dead bunnies and the area where Tyreese attempted to save a few civilians (I’ll tell you about this soon) and one of the kids left their shoe behind leads Beth into realizing that the kids were here and she begins crying while Daryl doesn’t really know exactly how to react and continue to look upset.

Tyreese and the kids Lizzie and Mika– we see Lizzie and Mika walking alongside each other while Tyreese is walking ahead of them and as Tyreese turns we see that……wait for it……wait……he is carrying baby Judith!!!! She’s alive!!!!! Many of us figured she had to be alive, because a walker couldn’t just unbuckle her out of her car seat, so it’s nice to see that Tyreese had her all along! As they continue to look for shelter and some food and the rest of the survivors we see that baby Judith continues to cry a lot, this attracts walkers. After night fall, in the morning they continue to walk and then they change Judith’s diaper and she continues to keep crying. Lizzie and Mika, specially Mika, are worried about their safety because of all of Judith’s crying. Suddenly, they hear some yelling and Tyreese tells the kids to stay in their place and Tyreese runs to see who it could be. He sees a few civilians and attempts to help them out and brings out his awesome hammer and goes to work. Judith is still crying with the kids and suddenly Lizzie covers Judiths mouth and nose. She enters a weird sociopathic trance and it seems as if she’s trying to suffocate Judith. The entire scene is easily one of, if not the most unsettling scenes to watch. It makes your blood boil and heart hurt. After Tyreese kills as many as he could, he suddenly hears gun shots, but stays put and then suddenly we hear CAROL!!!! She says, “Tyreese” and he turns around to see her, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith alive and well. He runs up to her and embraces her with a big bear hug. He then finds out that Carol wasn’t at the prison for a while and came back as the war with The Governor was happening and she says she was just out looking for stuff. We all know that she supposedly killed Tyreese’s girlfriend Karen and the other guy. So will she tell him eventually? Who knows. One of the civilians Tyreese was helping got bit and was on the floor in pain and told them there was a sanctuary up ahead and to head there, it’ll be good for the kids. When they get to a sign talking about the sanctuary called Terminus it leads us back to that moments where Daryl, Bob, and Michonne heard someone talk on the radio in the car talking about a sanctuary. Could this be it?


Maggie, Sasha, and Bob– we see these guys resting somewhere and Sasha is helping bandage up Bob’s wound. Maggie is visibly upset and completely lost. Having lost her dad and looking down at the ring Glenn gave her and thinking he could be dead to has definitely taken a toll on her. She suddenly gets up and decides she is going to go look for the bus that had the Woodbury folks and Glenn on it. Sasha and Bob don’t want her to go alone, but she decides she will and doesn’t take any orders from them. Sasha and Bob then decided to just follow her. As they get to the bus we see just how emotional Maggie gets and they run towards the bus. She walks around it and a few of the Woodbury folks who have turned start banging on the windows. She tells Sasha and Bob she needs to see if Glenn turned. Sasha then starts letting them out one by one and we see that everyone on the bus had turned, but still no sign of Glenn. Sasha then struggles to keep the door closed and they all start coming out and they begin killing them and one of the walkers starts coming towards Maggie and suddenly she zones out. It seems like she just wanted to either completely give up or she was just in some sort of shock. Bob then kills that walker and Maggie comes back to reality. After all the walkers are killed Maggie gets into the bus and looks around to see if maybe Glenn is actually in there, perhaps trapped. She sees two more walkers and kills one and thinks the other one might just be Glenn. After she kills that one we see her begin to cry and become completely overwhelmed. It seems as if she mixed some laughing in with her crying so perhaps she’s knows Glenn might just be alive somewhere?

Glenn– we finally see Glenn!!! He is knocked out, but slowly waking up and is surrounded by walkers below him. When he gets up and looks around we see that Glenn is still at the prison. He was on the bridge that was shot at. He lets out a loud, “MAGGGIIEEEE!!!” and looks around confused and conflicted. Should he run and jump to the other side of the bridge or should he go back into the cellblock? He chooses going back into the cellblock. When he gets inside he enters into the cellblock and sees that he is indeed alone. Everyone has gone and he has nobody to be with. He enters the cell he shared with Maggie and lays in the bed and just wants to pass out, but he turns and sees the picture he took of Maggie and realizes he needs to get out and go find her. He gets some food and supplies and his riot gear and heads out. He puts on the riot gear (RIOT GEAR GLENN BABY!) and charges into a herd of walkers and it’s quite a scary scene. As he runs away he sees that Tara is still alive and is in a gated area of the prison and starring blankly. Glenn hesitates for about 2 seconds then runs to where she is and tells her to come with him. She’s doesn’t think she should, but Glenn convinces her and they run out of the prison and this moment completes the end of the prison. As they get out and end up on a road, Tara is talking to Glenn and tells him she shouldn’t be here but Glenn says yes he doesn’t want her help, but he NEEDS it. Tara also reveals that Hershel died and we realize that Glenn didn’t see Hershel die. He gets very upset immediately, but gets himself together and tells Tara that Hershel was a great man. “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point in living,” Glenn says as he quotes Hershel and then a few walkers show up and as they kill them Glenn collapses and passes out which shows that he is still indeed quite weak and recovering from that crazy sickness from the prison. Tara suddenly looks towards an area and says, “I hope you enjoyed the show, assholes” and suddenly…..BAM the introduction of three new characters, from the comics!!! Abraham, Rosita and Eugene make a quick, but awesome intro.


A shoutout to Josh McDermitt for rocking that badass mullet like a badass! We see a sign “Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates” during this episode which is something I think everyone should keep in mind, because they need to be careful who they get close too!!!!! Next week’s episode seems like it’ll have a lot of Rick, Carl, Michonne and Glenn with the new characters and Tara, but we’ll see!! What did you guys think of this episode? Sound off in the comments section below!


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