SUBSTRATA – UDON Brings International Artists together for Dark Fantasy Game

Substrata is a new dark fantasy game from UDON that combines the talents of top international artists. It arrives in stores this summer. Keep reading to learn more about the game and to see a 25-page preview.

Press Release:

What happens when over 80 creators from the world’s top video game studios join forces to create the ultimate dark fantasy game? The answer is SUBSTRATA, a brilliant new art book collecting designs for the heroes, enemies, and landscapes of this hypothetical new game world…

SUBSTRATA is the brainchild of illustrator Paul Richards, who conceived of the project as a way to reunite his fellow artists from Vigil Games, makers of the Darksiders franchise. Together, they rallied a global community of artists and the result is a breathtaking tome, featuring a who’s-who of top-tier talent from across the gaming industry. SUBSTRATA is a true passion project, where artists were encouraged to forsake conventions, inhibitions, and technological limitations to create something never seen before.

“SUBSTRATA gave us all a chance to conceive and execute our own ideas in our own voices,” said Paul Richards, Project Curator. “This is a mighty win for artists devoted to making exciting, original game content for its own sake. In that spirit, we’re proud to say all proceeds from the book will go to the charity organization Gamers for Good. Please visit them at”

The artists who have lent their passion to SUBSTRATA have worked on some of the industry’s top-rated AAA games. Check out this amazing list of games that have featured artwork by SUBSTRATA contributors:

Allods Online – Assassin’s Creed IV – Darksiders I & II – DayZ – Destiny – Diablo 3 – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Doom 4 – DotA 2 – EVE Online – Evolve – Firefall – Gears of War – Guild Wars 2 – Halo 4 – Hearthstone – Hunted – League of Legends – Left 4 Dead 2 – Overlord – Overlord 2 – Portal 2 – Rift – Runescape – Saints Row – SMITE – Star Citizen – StarCraft 2 – Uncharted 3 – Wildstar – World of Warcraft

(All titles TM & © their respective owners.)

substrata_170“UDON is honored to be involved with the Substrata project,” said UDON’s Managing Editor Matt Moylan. “We get to publish a book with some of the greatest game artists from around the world, and the book itself is gorgeous, really, that’s its own reward. But it was UDON’s publication of The Art of Darksiders II that spurred Paul to want to work with his studiomates again, and all of us at UDON take pride in knowing that we contributed to the inception of SUBSTRATA, and now, we’re helping to bring it to gamers and makers everywhere.”

Gamers, artists, and up-and-coming developers alike, this is your chance to see a world created from the ground up, and no fan of video game artwork should miss this unique, uncensored peek at a game project from the moment of its conception.

Check out a 25-page preview of SUBSTRATA below:

Substrata Cover Image by Adrian Dadich
Substrata Cover Image by Adrian Dadich, with text logo design by Michael Scala.
Substrata Pages 20-21. Art by Darren Bartley.
Substrata Pages 20-21. Art by Darren Bartley.
Substrata Pages 220-221. Art by Tham Hoi Mun.
Substrata Pages 220-221. Art by Tham Hoi Mun.
Substrata Pages 64-65. Art by Justin Albers.
Substrata Pages 64-65. Art by Justin Albers.

See the rest in the gallery below:

SUBSTRATA is now available for pre-order through comic book storesBarnes & NobleAmazon, and wherever great books are sold. Look for it everywhere this spring!SUBSTRATA: Open World Dark Fantasy
Price: $44.99
ISBN-10: 1927925134
ISBN-13: 978-1927925133
Diamond Code: DEC138127
240 pages, ColorProceeds from the sale of SUBSTRATA will be donated to Gamers for Good,
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