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SHERLOCK Series 3 Episode 3 “His Last Vow” Recap

Now that the wedding is over, it’s only right that a huge load of drama and craziness follows right? Right!

(WARNING: Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled, but if you do want to be spoiled then do carry on reading!) 

This weeks episode, His Last Vow, introduced us to Charles Magnussen, played by Lars Mikkelsen. (Off topic, but the Mikkelsen brother’s play really awesome creepy roles!) Now to being the recap:


The episode starts off with Charles Augustus Magnussen getting interrogated by Lindsay Duncan’s (hello Doctor Who alumni!) character Lady Smallwood. Then it shows him at his house, which looks quite badass, and he’s on a blackmailing mission by the looks of it. He then shows up to where Lady Smallwood is and talks about letters and is on a blackmailing goal when he then really creepily licks Lady Smallwood’s face. He leaves then Lady Smallwood is in her car getting driven somewhere by her driver. She then tells her driver to turn the car around and head to Baker Street and here we go!

Then he starts off with John Watson dreaming of Sherlock and then someone (Kate) shows up at their front door. She’s worried about her husband who didn’t show up all night. John and Mary then head off to the location Kate says her husband might be at. John then runs into this guy who threatens him with a knife when John keeps asking where Kate’s husband Isaac is. Then John turns complete badass and gets the knife out of his hand and sprains this guys arm. John finds the husband completely high sitting on the floor not knowing exactly where he is at. Out of nowhere Sherlock also appears next to him. Then Sherlock says he was undercover. It was a hilarious moment. John calls Molly so that they can take Sherlock over to her to pee in a jar and see if he’s okay. Turns out he is then Molly slaps him and tells him to say sorry to everyone for this. John takes Sherlock home, when they get to Baker Street…they see that Mycroft is at the stairs. Anderson is in Sherlock’s flat. Sherlock reveals that his whole substance abuse thing was for Charles Augustus Magnussen. Mycroft threatens that going against Charles means going against him. The bridesmaid Janine who was flirting with Sherlock in the 2nd episode suddenly walks out of Sherlock’s room. She’s his girlfriend! John is trying to wrap his finger around this and it’s adorable.



Then Charles suddenly appears at Sherlock’s flat to meet with him. Sherlock talks about Lady Smallwood’s letters and that he is going to negotiate getting the letters back…which is why Lady Smallwood wanted to get help from Sherlock. Charles also pees in Sherlock fireplace which is cringe worthy and weird. He then says he will keep the letters. Sherlock and John then plan on breaking into Charles’ penthouse to get those letters. As Sherlock tries to get in, we see that the bridesmaid Janine is actually the person who runs access into his office. Janine then suffers a blow to the head, then they run up to where Charles is to find him being held at gunpoint. Sherlock thinks it’s Lady Smallwood, thanks to the smell of the perfume, and then we find out it’s actually John’s wife Mary. Then as Sherlock walks towards Mary she shoots him. Then as Sherlock is suffering…he gets these scenes in his head with Molly helping him how to react from the shot. He then gets a bunch of scenes in his head (memory stuff) with Anderson, Molly and Mycroft telling him exactly what’s wrong and how to fall and what is happening to him as he is having these moments. He goes to a better place and imagines his dog Redbeard running towards him and comforts him and says, “they’re putting me down too”. Then he suddenly is in a room with Moriarty and Moriarty runs at him with chains and tells him that he doesn’t need to feel pain. John calls an ambulance to where they are. Sherlock is still having the weird moment in his head with Moriarty. Then doctors are about to start surgery on him. While this is happening we see him with Moriarty still and Moriarty is telling him whose going to cry if he does die and that John Watson is definitely in trouble. Then we Sherlock struggling to regain consciousness and suddenly wakes up.

We see John waiting outside for whatever news on Sherlock and Mary shows up at the hospital. John says that Sherlock’s first word when waking up was, “Mary” and we see Mary have a UH OH look on her face. We then get a glimpse of Charles. A moment where I guess Sherlock is having a moment, we see Mary saying you don’t tell John. Sherlock then wakes up to Janine showing him newspapers of all these stories about him and they seem to be on good terms. She also says, “we could of been friends”, so I suppose that’s over. He then keeps getting these moments where Mary is telling him not to tell John. As John is walking up to Sherlock’s room with Lestrade they see that somehow Sherlock managed to get out of it. They then try figuring out exactly where he could of gone. Mary still has the UH OH look on her face. Mycroft helps out too. Then we get to Mrs. Hudson and Anderson who give where they think he probably is. While at Sherlock’s flat John says that Sherlock knew who the shooter was and Lestrade begs John not to hold on him and make sure to tell him anything he might find out. As John looks at the perfume on Sherlocks table it seems as if he may have realized that the shooter could of very well been Mary. As Mary is walking Sherlock calls her and tells her he’s there and to find him. Mary walks in to the building, as Sherlock reveals himself he then reveals that John is there and Mary was talking about her lies and whatnot then she and John will end up talking about it.


Then we get to the Holmes’ residence where Mycroft is there and so is Sherlock. (Quick glimpse of the newspaper Sherlock is reading says that Lady Smallwood committed suicide). Mary is also at the house, then John arrives. We see that the one guy, Wiggins, who John ruffed up in the beginning is there too and is there because of Sherlock wanting him there. Then we get a scene where we see Mary and John have the conversation they were going to have and it’s at Baker Street. Sherlock does a quick reveal that he solves crimes so he won’t do substance abuse, reveals a little about Mrs. Hudson too and tells John that John is addicted to a dangerous lifestyle. John tells Mary to sit because know she is a client. She gives him a flashdrive and then says that who she is is in that. Mary’s an assassin! Sherlock then reveals that Mary actually saved him by shooting him to see if she could buy some time. Then hit Charles and left. Then Mary actually called the ambulance before John. Then the ambulance arrives at Sherlock’s flat, because he wants morphine and believes he’s bleeding internally. Fast forward to present day and John says this to Mary, “the problems of your past are your business the problems of your future are my privilege”, he reveals that he didn’t look at the flashdrive and they share a cute embrace. Sherlock and Mycroft share a brotherly conversation then we go back to John and Mary still hugging and Mary suddenly passes out and Sherlock comes rushing in saying don’t drink her tea and we see that everyone passed out. Sherlock reveals that Wiggins helped, and John asks Sherlock what have you done and we get to a scene where we see Charles and Sherlock start a conversation and Sherlock reveals to Charles that he knows that all the information Charles gets is from his glasses that tell him everything. He tells Charles that he’ll give his brother to Charles. Sherlock takes Mycroft’s computer and he and John leave the Holmes residence on a helicopter and head to Charles’s residence. Charles reveals it was him who put John in the wood and almost on fire in the first episode. In exchange for Mycroft’s laptop he wants everything about Mary. Charles realizes that the laptop has a GPS system. Charles takes them to the appledoor vaults. Then we see that there are actually no vaults and Charles says it’s all in his mind palace. His mind. Sherlock might have made a big mistake!

Charles reveals that Mary was apart of the CIA and did freelance work. He doesn’t actually have documents. Charles tells them they will be featured in the news for all they did. Then Charles walks outside to see if the cops or anyone came. John heads out too. Charles starts flicking John in the face and being incredible weird and says he needs to do it and won’t tell anyone all he knows. He also wants to punch him in the face. It’s quite a weird exchange. A helicopter then arrives. Charles says he won’t do anything and is a business man, as police are coming towards them and telling John and Sherlock to step away then Sherlock tells Charles he is a sociopath and shoots Charles right in the head. Mycroft is telling the police men not to shoot Sherlock. “Give my love to Mary, tell her she’s safe now” Sherlock says as he surrenders. Then we get a scene where Mycroft is talking to people about putting Sherlock in any jail wouldn’t work and we see that Lady Smallwood is still alive. Then we get to a moment where Sherlock is with Mycroft and Mary and John come to say their goodbyes to him. Sherlock reveals he’s going with Mycroft to Europe for 6 months to do some work. They shake hands and Sherlock walks back to Mycroft. Sherlock gets into the plane and leaves. They show a moment of Sherlock in the plane looking like he’s about to cry then they get to a scene where Lestrade is at a bar watching a futbol match and suddenly the TV gets weird and by the looks of it it’s Moriarty showing up on all the screens all over. Turns out it is and it’s a weird picture of him with the words “miss me?” being said. Sherlock’s plane turns around and comes back after Mycroft calls him. Then right at the end a scene of Moriarty saying miss me?



Phew! That was a helluva episode! Here’s to a shorter wait for series 4!

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!!! Do you think Moriarty is some how alive?




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