SABOTAGE Red Band Trailer: The Arnold Schwarzenegger We’ve Been Waiting For


Since Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to acting after his stint as governor of California, die hard Arnold fans like myself have been waiting for a return to testosterone driven films like Predator and Conan. Sure, Escape Plan and The Last Stand were entertaining enough, but where’s a new classic for the icon to hang his hat on? If the red band trailer of Sabotage is any indication, the wait is almost over for a true Arnold classic.

Schwarzenegger leads a DEA squad that finds itself in hot water after a drug bust leaves them targeted by a drug cartel. One by one, the cartel is being eliminated, possibly with the help of one of the DEA agents. Once the cartel kidnaps Schwarzenegger’s wife, it’s on. Seriously. Arnold has killed just about everything a man can possibly kill. For him, a drug cartel is like a minor itch, making the warpath Schwarzenegger will enevitably embark upon that much more exciting.

The red band trailer is certainly NSFW, featuring blood, guts, guns and nudity. Hopefully, the trailer gives a perfect representation of the film, in which case buckle up for what may be the best Schwarzenegger film since Terminator 3 or True Lies.

Sure, Sabotage stars the single greatest living action hero in the history of the world, but it also features a fantastic supporting cast, including a corn-rowed Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway, Sam Worthington, Terence Howard, Mireille Enos and Olivia Williams. A cast like that in an Arnold film is exciting enough, but through in director David Ayer, and Sabotage makes it clear this isn’t a typical Schwarzenegger flick. No, Sabotage looks like it has both braun and brains. Ayer, the man who wrote Training Day and directed the much better than expected End of Watch, has made a career out of tapping into the machismo of cops, and Sabotage, with its rough and tumble DEA squad, looks to be another step in that direction.

Ayer is quickly becoming the modern day Walter Hill, the director of 48 Hours, only better. Hill loved examining masculinity, but he didn’t have the sylish eye that Ayer does. If Sabotage is half as good as the trailer suggests, Ayer will not only be the next Hill, but an action auteur the likes of which haven’t been seen in a long time.

Sabotage hits screens on March 28.



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