The Popcast: Episode 112 – Click It! Look At It! Like It! Do It!

This week The Popcast team reassemble itself like a broken lego structure to talk about the few things we’ve seen, Shia’s paper bag, curling our favourite PSH performances, Dan’s namesake and in an epic misunderstanding Mal single handedly kill’s his dreams of being a magician .



The Melting Pot
The Lego Movie (Read our review.)
Robocop (Read our review.)
Once Upon A Time

Elevator Pitch
Self Titled by Crosses (music)
Babylon (TV)

You can use the Twitter thingamathingy to find and get in touch with Dan (@danielsarah) Gwen (@reelvixen) and Mal (@iammalkovich) alternatively you can holla @invasionradio to let us know whats happening in your pop culture universe!



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