PLANES: FIRE AND RESCUE Trailer: Could It Be Worse Than The First Film?

Disney has always been known for the high quality of their films. For them, producing instant classics seems to be effortless, as can be seen from their recent films Frozen and The Princess and the Frog. But it looks like they also have the tendency to dwell on projects way after their expiration date.

After the success of Cars in 2006, Disney and Pixar studio sought to further explore their fictional world where automobiles and airplanes were sentient beings and humans didn’t exist. And why not? After all, the movie was pretty enjoyable, and everyone loves a Disney sequel. But the sequel was not nearly as good as the first. Cars 2 needed a whole new bag of Mustang Parts & Accessories. But Disney and Pixar ignored that and pushed on further.

2013’s Planes was terrible. Set in the same world as Cars and Cars 2, only with planes as the main focus, this film regrettably followed the more recent addition to the series, landing itself a big “splat” and a rating of 26/100 on Rotten Tomatoes (not good). You would think, at least, that Disney would finally end this idea. Guess again.

Set for release some time in 2014 is Planes: Fire and Rescue, a continuation to the story that should have been terminated. Dusty, voiced by comedian Dane Cook, finds out that one of his parts is damaged and can no longer race. The film then takes this racer and puts him in a completely different department: the fire department. After hearing the noise about his engine, Dusty joins forces with a team of machines to help put out wildfires. Though not much else is clear, a quick shot of Dusty flying alone with a female character indicates a predictable romantic storyline as well.

The film the trailer portrays is one that can be expected to be even worse than the first. Though publicized as a comedy, the trailer was devoid of any humor, not even a silly joke meant only for children to enjoy. Instead, it shows sad, scary and incredibly serious scenes being played to an emotional and overly dramatic song. The entire trailer is basically a promo on the fire squad, as the video was completely made up of clips of the firemen in action.

The fact that there is no humor is nothing compared to the fact that the film doesn’t seem to have a point, either. Hardly anything of the story is transmitted through the trailer; instead, the trailer captures all of the horrifying scenes of wildfires without any focus on the characters or plotline.

It seems like Planes: Fire and Rescue is trying to be an animated version of one of those emotional dramas that drone on and on for over an hour, without anything of significance occurring between the famous protagonist’s arrival in a small southern town and the gigantic, deadly wildfire that will undoubtedly come up at the end of the film. Parents are not going to be excited when their children ask to see this film, and kids will be disappointed when they leave. This looks like one to skip.

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