Jesse Eisenberg – Why We think He’ll Make a Great Lex Luthor

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So you’ve all heard the news by now unless you’re deaf, dumb and blind, Jesse Eisenberg is Alexander Luthor aka Arch Nemesis of Superman. What everyone is now wondering is what kind of Lex are we going to get in the MOS sequel? Recently Hitfix gave out an article about how Lex will hopefully be the voice of both the people of Metropolis, who lost their homes and livelihoods to the big boss battle at the end of Man Of Steel and the embittered fans who felt this was not their Superman( I don’t get it either). This is a fascinating and interesting article and I highly recommend it to any who are  interested as it offers a level headed view  on the Man Of Steel film and the possibilities the sequel could bring to the franchise and here it is for your viewing, link.

What I offer is which Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg will bring to the big screen? I personally think with Jesse Eisenberg’s particular style of smart ass acting we could see, in my opinion, a very modern Lex Luthor, an iteration that was introduced in 2011 with the New 52 launch of Action Comics.  This Lex Luthor was an absolute douche, brilliant, but an absolute douche. In his introduction he had perfectly mapped out not only how to capture the young Man Of Steel but also how to incapacitate him as well so that the army could interrogate him and make him answer for his “crimes”. This is the kind of Lex I hope Jesse Eisenberg will be. Drinking an energy drink while he plots out a way to take down a God. Then  there will be the obvious way he will rub Bruce Wayne the wrong way which I think Jesse Eisenberg will just rock.

An example of the Lex Jesse Eisenberg could play.
An example of the Lex Jesse Eisenberg could play.

If you want to see what kind of Lex I think Jesse Eisenberg will play head to your local comic book store and pick up Volume #1 of New 52 Action Comics and see what I mean. You will completely  understand what I mean and just like me you’ll be excited for 2016. Bring on Man Of Steel 2.

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