How Marvel Is Getting Comic Book Movies Absolutely Right – The Final Entry

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Welcome back to our final installment of how Marvel is getting comic book films absolutely right. I want to take a second and thank you all for your patience and your return interest in the piece that I have worked on for several months now. So thank you all, and let’s take a look at the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and where it’s all headed.

Iron Man 3 has now already come and gone, dealing somewhat with The Avengers aftermath (and also apparently healing Tony Stark of his need for an arc reactor in his chest). Iron Man 3 is currently #5 on the box office charts for all time, worldwide gross receipts. We’ve also seen, in the past 2 years since The Avengers was in theaters, Marvel relaunching Spider-Man successfully (The Amazing Spider-Man) and making a 2nd stand-alone film based on the Wolverine character, still starring Hugh Jackman as the ageless, clawed hero.

And even without any footage of a new Avengers sequel to show, Marvel again broke new ground this past summer at the San Diego Comic-Con, by having Loki appear live on-stage. This is fantastic crafting by Marvel, keeping us all hooked onto the phenomenon that was The Avengers film, while building excitement for the Thor sequel that arrived this fall, and to help increase our anticipation for The Avengers sequel. Tom Hiddleston should be commended for all his time spent as Loki, both in the Marvel films themselves, and also in this clip from the Marvel panel at Comic-Con:

Of course Marvel has plans to continue its winning ways with a full slate of new films, including the recently released Thor: The Dark World and the upcoming Captain America sequel:

Marvel also has a cinematic relaunch of The Fantastic Four upcoming, an Amazing Spider-Man sequel, as well as an introduction of a new group of heroes to their cinematic master plan, The Guardians of the Galaxy. 2014 is shaping up to be a huge year for Marvel.

Also in 2014 the entire X-Men cast from all the prior X-Men film entries will reunite on-screen for a film called Days Of Future Past, a time travel piece based on the comic book graphic novel of the same name.

Marvel will then finally go full-on and all-in with the Avengers sequel, now titled Marvel’s The Avengers: The Age of Ultron which is set for a 2015 release. One can argue whether or not one likes these Marvel films, and that’s fine. But what you can’t dispute is the fact that Marvel put together a wildly successful cinematic plan that paid, and is still paying, huge dividends in the end. They got it right by working out the kinks early on, and then loading up on big name talent in both casting and production, great writing, even greater execution, and tease after tease of what to expect from the Marvel cinematic universe next.

And this is now how it’s done, and DC Comics has a very long way to go to try and even remotely replicate what Marvel has created, the success they have achieved, and what they will undoubtedly continue to do for the next decade or so. Marvel has plans for its cinematic films laid out through a Phase Three development, which will include another dive into the company’s vast hero catalog, starting with Ant-Man in the fall of 2015.

Let’s discuss all things comic book movie related! Tell us what you liked about this look at Marvel’s film success, what you didn’t like, and what you want to see from Marvel moving forward! Sound off in our COMMENTS section below!


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