A Harold Ramis Memorial Sprung Up at Ghostbusters HQ

I’ve been a longtime fan of Ghostbusters and Harold Ramis. In fact, if I were to list my top ten favorite comedies than Ramis films would take up half of that list. Without his indelible mark on comedy we wouldn’t have Apatow. When I first saw the news, through a friend’s Facebook status as these things go, I didn’t want to believe it. I knew he had been sick in the past years but there was always talk of a (completely unnecessary) Ghostbusters film. I don’t know if I can completely process the loss of such a great comedy mind (and one who always seemed so down to earth). His importance and contributions should never be forgotten.

Despite my early-ish shift, I decided to take advantage of living in Manhattan and make an early morning pilgrimage to Hook and Ladder 8, the NYPD station that stood for Ghostbusters HQ. I didn’t know what I’d find there. But I couldn’t miss it as I arrived. It’s an image burned into my mind. Except, this morning, the garbage men were there. Fortunately, they left the modest memorial alone, only taking a few moments to look on, confused. They watched me snap these photos before they moved on. And as the New York sun rose, I took a few moments of silence.

Rest in Peace, Egon.


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