Happy Birthday Michael C. Hall/Dexter Morgan!

I don’t get birthdays; the party, the song. Celebrating another year just being alive feels… forced. It’s Feb 1 and that means it’s the world’s most beloved serial killer and the actor who portrayed him’s birthday today! Since this is quite an amazing event, it calls for an epic birthday post dedicated to Michael C. Hall and Dexter. (WARNING: Article will be a bit spoiler-y in terms of the show Dexter, you have been warned) For 8 seasons, Michael C. Hall portrayed the interesting serial killer Dexter Morgan on Showtimes Dexter. He did what nobody in the world would think could happen…he made us all love a serial killer. Dexter was weird, quirky, adorable, awkward, quite handsome of course, and well…a serial killer. Dexter and his dark passenger (the urges inside him) would kill all the bad people, he’d then cut them up and put them in huge trash bags and dump them in the ocean all while trying to live a normal life.

Michael C. Hall has had quite an awesome career with his two most notable roles being Dexter Morgan and David Fisher (Six Feet Under). Michael has the unique ability of getting completely lost in his roles to the point where we forget it’s him portraying a character. It’s Michael who made us actually love and root for Dexter. Personally, he is one of my favorite actors.



Below are a few pictures from Dexter:


Here’s Michael C. Hall in action as David and Dexter:

The above moment is probably one of the best from Dexter when we first see Doakes and Dex have an exchange. The weirdness of Dexter and the suspicious Doakes made for an awesome storyline.

Is there any moment from anything Michael C. Hall has done that you love? I only highlighted mainly Dexter since it is his and Dex’s birthday, but leave some comments in the comments section below with your thoughts on his awesome career! Do you think, if given the opportunity, he would return as Dexter for a potential spin-off? I know most of us want lumberjack Dex to snap out of it and return back to his normal ways. Lets start a Michael C. Hall chat!!



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(Picture credits to Showtime and video credits to whoever made the videos!)

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