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Sports movies have been popular for ages, though rarely are the stories they tell purely fictional.  More often than not, the films are based on factual occurrences. Examples of such include such classics as Miracle, Rudy and Invincible. Yet sports movies created to tell stories of events that never took place–or, as is the case for director Ivan Reitman’s upcoming film Draft Day, events that take place in the future–are not so frequently made.

Draft Day is a comedy drama that tells the story of Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner), the general manager for the Cleveland Browns, as he approaches the 2014 NFL Draft (which hasn’t happened yet). As fans of American football will probably know, the Cleveland Browns are not the best team in the league. In fact, they are probably the worst, thereby landing them the first choice in the NFL draft. But Sonny, who is threatened with the loss of his job if he does not “make a splash,” is determined to do just that.

Throughout the trailer, Costner’s character is shown making deals that others don’t seem to approve of, such as a trade with the Seattle Seahawks. It is clear that he has some sort of plan, but what it is remains a mystery. All that is clear is that no one seems to understand what he is doing other than that he is indeed making quite a big splash.

For one thing, his secretary, played by the immensely talented Jennifer Garner, seems convinced in his ability to see things others don’t, such as hidden talents that members of the 2014 draft might possess that sports commentators and player comparison fantasy tools might not have picked up on. In fact, this single scene seems to hint that what Sonny is actually doing is trading away his chances at the players proclaimed to be the best, all in order to gain solid players as well as the players he personally thinks are the best.

Though the movie is heavily focused on the sport at hand, which will wind up causing its audience to be made up almost entirely of football-loving Americans, there is still some humor that can be appreciated by all. In one scene, Sonny discovers that word of his trade with the Seahawks got out so fast because his mother, who disapproves of his decision, had tweeted about it. On top of that, Sonny is a smart, observant and sneaky character that viewers will enjoy watching.

While the trailer could be a bit hard to understand for those who don’t follow football and therefore are unaware of what drafts are and how they work, it seems like Reitman has created a film that will quickly become one of the great sports legends, like Rudy and The Mighty Ducks before it. What’s really exciting is how the film is about the upcoming Draft. It will be interesting to see how much of what this film predicts will actually take place or not. Either way, the film is sure to become a quick favorite for Browns fans who need some hope for their team’s future.

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