Darth Maleficent Wants to Ruin Your Day

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Picture this: It’s a bright new day in the universe, and on some distant planet there’s a kingdom celebrating the birth of a new princess. It is said that she will one day usher in a thousand years of peace by bringing along the downfall of a cruel empire. The nefarious Empress Darth Maleficent, a Sith, catches wind of this birth and makes her way to see the newborn. Wait…this is beginning to sound familiar. Deal with it!

Darth Maleficent is a mysterious and fierce Dark Force user whose strength and skill know no equal. A ruthless general in the emperor’s army. Disguised as a courtier, she sneaks past the cooing crowd to approach the tiny babe, but her fatal blow is thwarted by three Jedi. Not revealing herself, Maleficent uses her abilities in theatrical misdirection — picture big pillar of green flames and smoke — and melds into the shadows while no one was looking.

Darth Maleficent by James Zapata

Later that night security is on high alert to protect the child, but it is all for not. Waiting patiently in the shadows of the nursery, Darth Maleficent emerges and slowly walks up to the crib where the princess slept. She could have ended the prophecy right then and there, all she needed to do was turned on her lightsaber above the tiny body and that would be the end. But what if she could teach the baby the ways of the Dark Side? She would not only a disciple, but she would also prevent the prophecy without resorting to kill an opponent who had no way of fighting back.

The decision is made. She cradles the the sleeping babe and disappears into the night with her new apprentice.


This is probably the best Disney/Star Wars crossover we’ve seen recently. Artist James Zapata perfectly captures her elegance and her subtle ruthlessness. She may not be green, but we think this shade of purple fits her way better. Dang, now we need her as a legitimate villain in the new Star Wars movies. Not want. Need.

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