ARROW “Heir To The Demon” Episode Review

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What would a family reunion be without a little drama? And this episode of Arrow was full of it. A year ago, Starling City welcomed Oliver back from the dead, and now another member of the illustrious Queen’s Gambit shipwreck is joining him.

After Laurel (Katie Cassidy) becomes the League of Assassins first target in their quest to lure Sara (Caity Lotz) back to Starling City, and eventually to league itself, Oliver (Stephen Amell) decides that this secret is no longer one worth keeping. Oliver attempted to reunite Sara with her family last time she was in town, but with the threats that the league still wielded over anyone she cared about, he left the choice up to her. Although he did eventually manage to convince her to come clean to her father, Laurel and her mother were still both very much in the dark.

Following Sara’s “death” the entire Lance family sort of fell apart – each one coping with it the best way they knew how. Officer Lance (Paul Blackthorne) turned to alcohol. Dinah (Alex Kingston) became obsessed with the idea that Sara may have survived. And, Laurel turned to the law in order to quell her competing sense of loss and anger. Now that Sara is “alive” and Laurel’s career is in tatters, her anger has resurfaced, and rightfully so. Sara may have been through a terrifying ordeal, but Laurel was the one left to pick up the pieces that her absence created for the family on the home front.

Before Laurel found out that her sister was still alive, Sara had  to deal with someone else she loved. Not taking any chances, Ra’s al ghul sent the big guns this time to bring Sara home, his own daughter, Nyssa (Katrina Law). It turned out that after Sara was presumed dead for the second time, Nyssa found her and saved her life. Thier relationship turned romantic, leaving Nyssa with a nasty grudge when Sara left without even a simple goodbye.

Nyssa’s appearance in Starling City means trouble for everyone. Laurel survived being poisoned, so the next move was to kidnap Dinah. Although Nyssa appeared to harbor some mixed feelings about resorting to this measure, she clearly relies heavily on the ‘by whatever means necessary’ method. Which is something she apparently shares with Sara, who was willing to kill herself in order to save her family and escape the league. Fortunately, the Arrow arrived right on que and saved everyone.

One family secret out of the closet deserves another. The Lance’s aren’t the only ones adjusting to a truth they never saw coming. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) came across a suspicious deposit made by Moira (Susanna Thompson) to the doctor who delivered Thea (Willa Holland). When she confronted Moira about it, it served to confirm her theory that Malcolm Merlyn was Thea’s biological father (which makes the fact that Thea hit on Tommy last season even more unsettling).

It also created a nemesis scenario, since Felicity out of loyalty, and a little bit of persuasion, divulged the information to Oliver. Moira has succeeded in proving that she is not one to be underestimated, and Felicity may find that out the hard way now. Although, at this point, it would only risk angering Oliver further.

After the initial shock Oliver may have been able to pull it together and salvage the situation in public, but he won’t be doing that in his personal life. He has essentially disowned his mother. It’s hard to tell how much of that monologue was sincere and how much of it was just a coping mechanism, but it’s doubtful it will carry on for the long haul. Oliver values his family above all and he of all people should understand keeping secrets to protect them. Merlyn is, and was, a dangerous man. I can’t help but point out that even though Oliver had some right to be upset, he is still the same guy who dresses up in a costume and fights bad guys in his spare time. Isn’t that kind of the definition of calling the kettle black?

Do you think that Oliver was out of line? Should someone tell Thea the truth or is this something that she should be kept away from? How will the Laurel/Sara storyline play out? Let us know all your theories on Arrow in the comment section below!

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