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Alien: Isolation – New Screenshots!

Earlier this year, UK developer Creative Assembly released a trailer for its upcoming first-person survival horror stealth game Alien: Isolation. Having recently suffered through the atrocity that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, it’s understandable that gamers are hesitant to get excited about a new video game in the Alien universe. However, as this trailer began to spread across the internet, optimism began to increase as the trailer presents what appears to be a proper connection to the original film and its claustrophobic setting.

Set in 2137, 15 years after the events of Alien and 42 years before the events of Aliens, Alien: Isolation puts players in the control of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen (Sigourney Weaver in the films), who is ordered to go to the space station Sevastopol to recover data that could help locate her missing mother. Little does Amanda know that the station is inhabited by a xenomorph. Storyline wise, that’s all we’ve been given so far, but that’s more than enough to get people excited.

Alien: Isolation

Where developers have gotten it wrong in the past is in how many aliens they include in their games set in this universe. The sequel Aliens made for an epic movie, because fighting a ton of xenomorphs with explosives and assault weapons is just plain awesome. However, this can get a bit repetitive in video game form and requires a lot of moving pieces that all must work in unison in order for the game to be effective.

This is the problem Aliens: Colonial Marines ran into. The game had numerous bugs, the AI was a joke, and quite simply the gameplay and graphics were not up to par with what one would expect in a game released in 2013. Along with these issues, diehard Alien fans were not happy that the game messed with the continuity of the film franchise. So how is Alien: Isolation going to fix this?

Alien: Isolation

First of all, the game will feature one single xenomorph. Finally, we get to return to the world of the first film that started it all, a horror film in a claustrophobic setting that translates perfectly to the video game medium. So think more Outlast, less Dead Space. To demonstrate this more stealthy, survivalist gameplay, Creative Assembly released a short gameplay video showcasing a brief demo:



As is mentioned in the video, this xenomorph is not your typical video game antagonist. It does not have a pre-programmed path, and it CAN NOT BE KILLED. Terrifying right? The xenomorph has been coded to actively hunt the player by sight, sound, and smell. To combat this, the player must use Amanda’s flashlight sparingly and also hold her breath at certain moments to avoid attracting the attention of the bloodthirsty extraterrestrial. The coolest feature revealed in the gameplay trailer is that there is no onscreen HUD, meaning the player gets a full cinematic experience throughout the game.

So far, details for Alien: Isolation are few and far between. But what we know so far makes it sound like we’re finally going to get the proper Alien video game that plays upon what made the original film so fantastic. Fingers crossed that this doesn’t turn out to be Colonial Marines 2.0…

Alien: Isolation will release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC in late 2014.


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alien isolation
Your sinister enemy. HE HUNTS.
alien isolation
“Cleanup in Airlock 4. Cleanup in Airlock 4.” *click*

alien isolation
“Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but Callback Code me maybe?”

alien isolation
Yup, that’s a dot. Definitely a dot.

alien isolation
“There’s vomit on his sweater, Mom’s spaghetti…”

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