22 JUMP STREET Trailer – Will College Tear This Duo Apart?

2012 hit comedy 21 Jump Street saw Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play rookie cops masquerading as high school students, all in a charismatic effort to bring down a drug ring. The result was hilarious, with widespread critical acclaim that praised the duo’s chemistry and the film’s witty incorporation of action and comedy. Now, Hill and Tatum are back for the sequel, 22 Jump Street.

In the newest assignment for Officers Jenko and Schmidt, the slightly aloof partners go undercover again – this time at a local college. Now that they have attended high school – twice – it’s time to move onto bigger things, like busting an alleged drug ring within a fraternity at the college. 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller return as well, along with chief writer Michael Bacall. A similar cast and crew means that viewers can expect a similar vein of humor, which is certainly good news. This also has music from Mark Mothersburg, who we recently interviewed for his work on the LEGO Movie.

Similar to 21 Jump Street, a large component of 22 Jump Street’s storyline – in addition to the main case – revolves around the amusing relationship between Hill and Tatum, or Schmidt and Jenko, respectively. When the duo goes undercover at college together, they also face several challenges that cause them to question whether they can have a mature partnership. Jenko begins to hang out with football team member who he easily relates to, while Schmidt becomes friends with several art majors. Does this divide have the potential to impact their friendship and investigation?

The trailer for 22 Jump Street is able to capture both the comedy and impending action of the upcoming film. The partners’ reputation precedes them even at the beginning of the trailer. “Well, I hoped never to see you again,” Deputy Chief Hardy, played by Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation) tells Jenko and Schmidt, who gleefully respond with “’Sup dog? We’re back.” It’s an inviting response for the many fans of 21 Jump Street, who can expect another blast with 22 Jump Street.

Their specialty division may have moved from 21 Jump Street to 22 Jump Street, on account of the previous location being re-purchased by the previous owners, but much of the film’s great formula remains the same – from when Ice Cube tells them they’re going to college to their plethora of college antics. Insane parties, bone-crunching football practices and a gunfight through the college’s library are just a few of the scenes viewers can look forward to. There’s no telling how Jenko and Schmidt plan to bust a drug ring this time around. Maybe they’ll go undercover as construction workers and use the resources of Mid Atlantic BX to appear legitimate.

22 Jump Street will hit theatres on June 13th, 2014; mark the date down on your calendar. In addition to appearances from Ice Cube and Nick Offerman, one can expect to see Rob Riggle, Dave Franco, Amber Stevens and even Brad Pitt in the comedy, which looks to be one of 2014’s most raucously hilarious films.

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