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A common theme in many movies is finding a way to add spice to an otherwise boring life. Fading Gigolo looks as though it addresses this theme in a slightly unorthodox manner. Woody Allen and John Turturro star in the upcoming comedy. It also features Bob Balaban, Vanessa Paradis, and Liev Schreiber. The newly-released trailer gives viewers a pretty good idea as to what they will see in Fading Gigolo, which was written and directed by Turturro.

Murray (Allen), an elderly bookseller, discovers that his dermatologist and one of her friends are interested in a ménage à trois. Murray says he knows just the man for the job — his pal Fioravante (Turturro) — and for the price of $1000 they can have him. Murray tells Fioravante this after the agreement has been made, essential making the bookseller a pimp. From there, numerous women come to Murray requesting Fioravante’s services. These aren’t hot young college grads. They’re the type of women that would be found at CVS picking up their health supplement order fulfillment.

Although Allen did not write the film, it still has that quirky vibe that is so often present in his films. Fading Gigolo is definitely a comedy, though the humor appears to be of a different variety than what has been seen in theaters recently. However, it also looks as though there is a budding romance between Turturro’s character and Paradis’ character, making it lean slightly toward the romantic comedy genre.

The trailer makes good use of music and dialogue from the film to set the tone. It’s not too serious, with many light-hearted quips, and it makes the genre very clear within the first thirty seconds. There are many lines in the trailer that are funny — many of which are said by Allen — but it doesn’t restrain itself with just humor. It still includes some heartfelt lines that show there’s more to the movie than just humor. The music used is sexy and fun, which matches with the dialogue very well.

While the trailer is fun to watch, it doesn’t give a clear sense of the plot or any major conflict. We get the basics — a man gets pimped out to wealthy women and brings magic into their lives — but we don’t know what else is going on in the movie. We don’t know what conflict Fioravante faces or why he agrees to be pimped out by his friend in the first place.

Additionally, we don’t know much about the characters. While we see some of their characterizations through the dialogue, it’s hard to see their motivations. For example, why does Murray decide to pimp his friend in the first place? This is the action that serves as the catalyst for the film, but it seems odd that someone would do that unless he had good reason.

Fading Gigolo looks like an interesting movie for sure. While it’s not a family film by any means — after all, it is rated “R” — it does looks as if it has a nice sentiment to it. With lines such as talking about everyone needing love and passion, as well as the idea of bringing “magic to the lonely,” it makes it seem as if Turturro’s character will be bringing an unorthodox kind of love to theaters near you very soon.


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