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Like every movie named after a character, Dom Hemingway, director Richard Shepard’s contribution to the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, is highly character oriented, closely following protagonist Dom Hemingway (Jude Law) as he is released from a twelve year incarceration. Fans of the actor will be able to meet his new character in April, when the film returns to theaters for a limited release.

Hemingway is your ideal ex-con lead: he’s sassy, witty and completely self-obsessed. Throughout the trailer, he is often heard saying, “I’m Dom Hemingway,” affording his name a sense of power, authority and fame that he may or may not deserve.

After gaining his freedom from prison, Hemingway goes around enjoying himself, smoking, drinking, sleeping with women and standing up in speeding convertibles to shout his name to the world and list off his many good qualities. However, this last bit of fun ends horribly when he gets in a car accident and is flung from the automobile. Perhaps instead of drinking and partying, he should have joined an effective alcohol rehab program.

The story changes direction immediately following the crash, showing Hemingway banged up and bloody on the doorstep of his grown up daughter’s apartment. From here, the film focuses on the protagonist’s lack of a relationship with his daughter, whose childhood he missed due to his imprisonment. When he finally is reunited with her, he does his best to make things right between them.

While Jude Law’s acting seems to portray the character wonderfully, the story itself falls a little flat, coming off as incredibly cliché. It’s not that the movie isn’t interesting, because in some ways it is, but clichés don’t become clichés for being boring; they become what they are because they’re so widely enjoyed. It will be interesting to see what this film offers that’s new. We’ve seen ex-cons who think they’re the man but actually have a number of problems they need to deal with, and we’ve seen fathers who have lost touch with their daughters try to recreate a relationship with them, so it will be cool to see what they can do with these storylines that have been done a few times. In Hollywood though, what hasn’t been done yet?

Jude Law’s character adds an aspect of humor to the film. He has some amusing conversations, such as when he responds to the question of whether he hunts with a long list of things he does do with a gun, like threaten and rob people, only to exclude hunting. Another is when he is at a restaurant with another friend and the two exchange dark fates they think up for the other, such as knocking the other’s teeth out, cutting the other’s ear off, or carving the other’s eye out with a big toe. Hopefully the trailer saved a few jokes for the movie as well.

In conclusion, it seems like the acting will be what to watch for here. Although nothing of the film’s end is hinted to in the trailer, one can only assume that it ends with Hemingway failing or succeeding to make amends with his daughter. I’m sure there will be way more to the story than that, and I can’t wait to see what it is.

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