Watch: CABIN FEVER PATIENT ZERO Trailer Continues The Thrills

As the third film in the series, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero appears set to continue the franchise’s penchant for suspenseful thrills. The first Cabin Fever, released in 2002, is now considered a cult classic by horror fans, so this new installment is highly anticipated. Directed by Kaare Andrews (Altitude, The ABCs of Death), the upcoming Cabin Fever: Patient Zero stars Sean Astin (Rudy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Currie Graham (Assault on Precinct 13) and Jillian Murray (Sonny with a Chance). The film focuses on friends having fun aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean, until they decide to explore an island with an allegedly abandoned scientific research vessel. Eventually, a flesh-eating virus threatens to descend on the group. The film takes place before the events of Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, serving as a prequel to it.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero will be released in most parts of the word before it hits stateside. Regardless, all audiences can check out the film’s trailer right now:

The trailer shows a group of friends whose curiosities are piqued and livelihoods are threatened when they find out about the flesh-eating virus. They want to survive, but also find out the mystery behind it. Like many horror films, the initial setting of Cabin Fever: Patient seems tranquil and filled with sun and fun. They’re at a great resort with beach volley ball, and expensive looking faux stone columns.  As words display “a bachelor party like none other,” the friends indulge in alcohol and camaraderie… that is, until they spot a nearby island and decide – against a local’s advice – to check it out. That’s when the bachelor party ends and the horror begins.

After finding a bunch of dead fish underwater and experiencing a mysterious illness, the friends learn they are not alone on the island. Deep in the trees, undercover experiments are underway on a “patient zero.” Unfortunately for these young party-goers, they are now a part of it and are not permitted to leave the island. Without a cure for the illness, they have to make some dire choices to stay alive. Some aspects of Cabin Fever: Patient Zero seem overly typical of horror films, such as the initially tranquil setting and the vague allusions to a haunted island… aspects the movie Cabin in the Woods did such a good job at poking fun of. Still, the trailer is engrossing enough to attract horror fans and especially viewers that enjoyed the first two in the series. After the commercial shortcomings of Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, its prequel strives to reach a larger audience.

One thing that audiences can be guaranteed of is rich cinematography with sharp contrasts between vacation-filled sunshine and ominous nighttime darkness. The film was shot in the Dominican Republic, so the variation seems safe to assume. A fourth film in the series, Cabin Fever: Outbreak, is already planned, so it’s clear that the story surrounding Cabin Fever: Patient Zero may be large enough in scope to inspire several films. Nonetheless, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero looks like a fun thrill ride judging by the trailer, providing a nice jolt for fans of horror films and the original Cabin Fever in particular.

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