Twerking Stormtroopers Video is a Must-Watch for STAR WARS Fans

Darth Vader is going to use the force to choke the hell out of these twerking Stormtroopers. Not only is this video cool, it is awesome looking. The video was created and directed by Scott Winn and shot with the Red Epic & Red Scarlett (4K). The song featured is “Beat Calls” (buy it on iTunes: and Amazon:


Here are some more details about the video:

Cinematography by Derek Pueblo

Cam ops: Derek Pueblo, Aaron Sorenson, Scott Winn

Edited by Scott Winn & Derek Pueblo

VFX by Aaron Sorenson

Darth Vader Voice by Riley Workman
voicevader [at]

Color Correction by Russell Lasson, Universal Post

Sound Design by Brenden Bytheway

Darth Vader: Brandon Cummings
Dancers: Jason Celaya, De’Von McCullough, Jason Pickett, Landon Anderson, Marcquet Hill

What do you think of the twerking Stormtroopers?

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