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Thirsty Thursdays: MEAN GIRLS Drinking Game

One of the all-time great chick flicks is Mean Girls starring Lindsey Lohan before she went off the rails, Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams before they became big movie/rom-com stars, and Lizzy Caplin before everyone loved her. Check out the drinking rules and enjoy!


Drink whenever:

  • We learn a new rule from the Plastics. It’s a good thing I watched this movie, cause I’ve been going around wearing a ponytail, sweatpants, and hoop earrings for YEARS now and nobody’s said anything about it.
  • Tim Meadows (who, by the way, did NOT leave the Southside for this!) steals the scene with his perfect portrayal of an embittered principal. Truly, there is no man more broken than a high school principal with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Someone utters that most unholy name… Regina George. Pretty fitting that this “Queen Bee” is named “Regina,” amiright?? Nobody? Where’s Tina Fey when I need her…
  • Cady gets a little eduCadtion about what life is like in the wilds of a public high school. While the majestic gazelle must be ever-vigilant for lions and hyenas, high school girls must be ever-vigilant for other high school girls.
  • A character says “fetch.” Is it bad that we’re still trying to make fetch happen? I feel like it’s really gonna take off.
  • Backstabbing ensues! Bonus points if Cady the newb tries to backstab and it backfires.
  • You hear an awesome insult! Double-drink if the insult is taken for a compliment. Who says smelling like a baby prostitute is a bad thing?
  • Waterfall for Regina’s epic scream! Trust us, you’ll know it when you hear it.
  • When you witness a Three-Way Call Attack, link arms with two of your best frenemies and finish your beers!
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Kristal Bailey

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