SON OF GOD Trailer Focuses on Jesus of Nazareth’s Life and Miracles

It’s a brand new year, and with 2014 comes a brand new movie about Jesus of Nazareth. Coming to theaters on February 28th, Son of God continues director and writer Christopher Spencer’s exploration of biblical history, which began with the highly acclaimed History Channel mini-series The Bible.

Unlike Mel Gibosn’s famous film The Passion of the Christ, which focused on the torture Jesus experienced at the end of his life and culminated in the crucifixion, Spencer’s film seems to focus instead on his life and, in particular, the many miracles he is believed to have performed.

Beginning with Jesus (Diogo Morgado) using his powers to catch an abnormal amount of fish, despite his friend telling him it is impossible, the trailer continues to show miracle after miracle, only breaking from Jesus’s story to show those who doubt him and view him as a false prophet. In this way, the film clearly takes the side of Jesus, portraying him as the divine character many believe he is and thereby placing everyone else into the side of the wrong.

After summoning the fish on the boat, Jesus goes on to raise a man to his feet who presumably could not otherwise stand, he walks on water and he uses his staff to perform some sort miracle with water, which likened him to Moses splitting the sea. When not performing god-like miracles, he is seen smiling, leading people, receiving cheers and praise from his followers and openly admitting to being the son of god.

The costumes, props and settings shown in the trailer seem to be of the highest quality, allowing viewers to truly get a feel for what life must have been like at the start of the 1st century. It is clear from his previous work on The Bible that Spencer is a Christian who believes wholeheartedly in the stories of the Old and New Testament, and his personal views on the matter are prevalent throughout the entirety of the trailer. Jesus is portrayed as a hero with powers and his adversaries are shown as a fearful, stubborn people who view Jesus as a false profit instead of God’s son.

Any religious movie will inevitably lead to a number of groups getting offended for one reason or another, and a quick scan of the trailer’s Youtube comment shows that this one is no exception. There are people already shouting their distaste for the views that they don’t agree with, and also those who are trying to convince others that Jesus helped them get through alcohol rehab.  Don’t get sucked into the fighting back and forth as neither side changes their mind, but focus rather on the movie as a movie.

The film itself seems rather interesting with solid acting and a high production value. In many ways it is a shame that so many will undoubtedly take personal offense to this film, because Spencer’s skill as a director and writer will surely make this film a piece of art.

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