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SKYWIND: MORROWIND Gets Pretty in a New Development Video

A group of ambitious and insane modders have taken it upon themselves to update and remake The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind into Skyrim‘s more advanced (and pretty) game engine, dubbing it “Skywind”. Let me repeat that. Several mentally unstable modellers, coders, voice actors, composers and artists are trying to rebuild Morrowind from the ground up in Skyrim‘s Creation Kit.

Morrowind is seen by many (including myself) as possibly the best and most accomplished entry into the Elder Scrolls series. Oblivion shoved the series headfirst into a pseudo-casual, console-friendly market, and Skyrim solidified the series’ more accessible direction. Debate the merits of this amongst yourselves. One thing that’s pretty undisputable is that Oblivion and Skyrim sacrifice depth for width. Having a lot of stuff to do doesn’t matter much when the stuff you’re doing is a bit yawn-inducing and repetitive. Morrowind hasn’t exactly aged well, as have some of the archaic design choices (such as the godawful journal and bland melee combat).

Skywind seeks to merge the two worlds together: the technical wow of Skyrim‘s beautiful engine and flexible modibility with Morrowind‘s compelling characters and eerie world. The mod team recently posted the following development video:


Like a gym rat fresh from the locker room, jacked to the gills with “vitamins”, I’m pumped. Give it to me. Give it to me now. Skywind has made some impressive leaps forward in the last year, and even thought it’s a mind-boggling, a practically Sisyphean effort, I said the same of Black Mesa Source. It can be done, it will be done. Hell, Skyrim itself had an expansion pack, Dragonborn, that had you revisiting the island of Solstheim, a famous location actually in the land of Morrowind.

Look forward to revisiting the Red Mountain in the coming  months. Check out Skywind‘s progress, read the forums, download the latest build, or actually volunteer over at

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