Must-Watch: JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT Epic New Trailer

The two and a half minute trailer for the new Kenneth Branagh movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, was quite epic. Check it out:

[youtube id=”FZtVfmTZftk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

But of course, most gripping action movie trailers begin with that cliché humdrum day at the office, when suddenly …there comes danger!  This trailer seemed no different, as Chris Pine’s character, Jack Ryan, is attacked by a shadowy assassin-type bad dude.  The exciting part is that Ryan is no slouch, as he whips out the Jason Bourne moves and effectively gives the assassin a run for his money… by bouncing his head off a toilet seat.

While there seem to be no shortage of these kinds of movies in the last couple years, it is refreshing to see methodically tactical close-quarters fighting, where both sides seem to know what they’re doing.  Surely, this may not necessarily translate to what we might encounter in the real world, but it’s definitely entertaining to watch.  However, there is one thing one might glean from such a plot: expect the unexpected.

Keira Knightley’s character in the film appears to be Jack Ryan’s sweetheart, and everything is going wonderfully –until Kevin Costner’s character, Ryan’s handler, decides to spill the beans to her.  Again, we expect the unexpected.

Of course, Jack is obviously not a tech-support dude from some SEO services company –this guy is obviously working for the CIA.  So naturally, he’s got to go to Moscow to do battle with terrorists that have discovered a way to somehow bring down America from the inside.  But in the trailer, it seems quite obvious that something traitorous lurks.  You get the idea that appearance can be deceiving, and that, because Jack is the main character, he’s basically the only one we can trust.  Could it be Jack’s girlfriend?  His boss?  Is the Russian man with the very thick accent even a bad guy?  The first time we see him on the trailer, it appears that he is… but who knows, right?

One thing becoming rather obvious is that spy-espionage movies are getting even more plot-twisty.  Sometimes, they get a wee bit too twisty to the point where the plot simply becomes improbable (ie. Salt).  Even in the last Die Hard movie, the lowly bearded man was the bad dude all along… didn’t see that coming.  However, this is certainly one of those plot devices that writers appear to be over using these days –some betrayal makes things intriguing.  But, when the betrayal becomes improbable, that’s when it just becomes annoying.

It’s obvious in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit that this will be an action-packed ride, full of plot twists, betrayals, explosions, jumping from high places and shaky sniper rifle scope views –but hopefully they took a lesson from their predecessors and at least attempted to make this movie seem like it could actually happen.

Isn’t that the fun in these movies after all?

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