A Mini-Adventure: WALK OF SHAME Trailer

You know those movie trailers when you sit there and are bored by the fact that you already know what’s going to happen? You’ve already mapped out the plot from start to finish, and you know how you’re going to feel during the entire movie. You’ve already heard some of the best lines and seen the best scenes, and you now have no desire to see the film. That’s NOT the case for the trailer for the Walk of Shame. You may get a pretty good idea about what will transpire, but you’ll end up wanting to see more!

In fact, not only do I now want to see the movie after watching the trailer, but I actually had a good time watching the trailer itself. (What? I know, isn’t that weird?) It’s because it seems like we’ve got an entertaining, dusk-till-dawn adventure, complete with thrills, laughs and Cyclops from X-Men.

The Plot in the Yellow Dress

The 2:25-long trailer opens up with a scene on an unlikely scenario. A well-known, cute, skimpily-dressed, blonde news anchor, played by the ingeniously comedic Elizabeth Banks, is having troubles in what seems to be a rough, cop-phobic part of a city. Then, boom! Rewind to earlier that night …

We are now inside the news anchor’s quaint house, and she’s on her comfy couch in sweatpants, leaving the viewers to think, “Oh, this story ought to be good.”

Of course, she seems to be quite the modest introvert, until her friends come over and drag her out the door for a night on the town. She is told to don a rather risqué yellow dress, the one she appears to wear (or not wear) throughout the rest of the film.

The night appears to start off fairly quickly (with shots rather early on in the evening), and everything seems to go quite well. In fact, she even appears to go home with James Marsden’s character, who, judging by the look of his house, may be a wealthy lawyer, doctor or CEO of some construction project management software company.

Whether the two actually hook up is hard to say ‑ I was too busy watching them slobber over a single slice of pizza, and Banks doing a ‘trust me’ knife trick with Marsden’s life in the balance. I literally laughed out loud when I saw that. Though, if they didn’t hook up, then the movie probably wouldn’t be called Walk of Shame, I suppose.

Then, the plot alters to a “this just got real” set of circumstances, leaving Banks’ character running through the streets of a major city in a skimpy yellow dress. Not only does there seem to be one precarious situation presented after another, but we even see her running from the cops and trying to retrieve her impounded car so she can get back to her network headquarters for some rather big, career-changing thing.

My Take?

I have to see this move. No, really. I have to see this movie.

Sure, some trailers can embellish a movie to the point where the preview is more entertaining than the actual film, but this doesn’t have that ominous feeling. Instead, I caught myself smirking during the entire trailer, as not only is the situational comedy ingeniously well done, but almost all the lines in the preview have a giggle factor.

This seems like it’s going to be a feel-good comedy, possibly even funnier than Bridesmaids. This also feels less hokey than, say, Your Highness. No, this is right in that happy middle; between having a believable character in a situation that might just be believable and being outlandish to the point where it will keep you laughing throughout the film.

My guess? This comedy will make you happy that you watched it. Besides, it’s got Cyclops (yes, admittedly, the guy from The Notebook). How do you argue with that?

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