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Left 4 Dead Creators Developing Next-Gen Sci-Fi Shooter Evolve; To Release In Fall 2014

When Game Informer teased the cover title of their February 2014 issue, their editor in chief Andy McNamara described it as a game that “people will flip out over”. Suffice it to say he was right.

That game he so intriguingly teased was the next-gen sci-fi shooter Evolve, which is being made by Turtle Rock Studios, the same developers that created the Left 4 Dead games. Following in the vein of the Left 4 Dead franchise, Evolve’s primary feature will be its four-player cooperative mode- but with an added twist.

Sick cover

Where in Left 4 Dead the four survivors spend the game running from and eliminating endless hordes of zombies, Evolve will have the four players battling one singular giant alien monster that will “evolve” as the match progresses (hence the incredibly clever title of the game). *Channeling my inner infomercial voice* But wait, there’s more!

The feature of this game that I think McNamara was referring to when he said people would “flip out” is the fact that the alien monster is player-controlled! It’s not a mindless NPC! Whether you team up with three friends to take down this massive beast or control the beast yourself and use the me-against-the-world approach, Turtle Rock is offering two distinctly enjoyable yet unique gameplay experiences for players who purchase Evolve.

The goliath, one of many monsters players can control

Worried about one side having too big of an advantage in the game? Evolve creative director Chris Ashton addressed this concern when he spoke with Game Informer earlier this month:

“As a monster, that sort of works a little bit against him, which is what makes the four versus one thing very successful… Like I said, it’s hard to keep track of four. If I’m the monster and I’m fighting four guys, it’s really hard. I always lose one. I incap somebody and I’m fighting the other guys, and the next thing I know a guy’s up and I don’t even know who got him up – I can’t quite keep track of all four, it’s just too many. But that’s what makes it a challenge for him. As soon as you kill one guy and get one guy out of the picture, I think three humans are way easier to deal with and keep mental tabs on.“There’s kind of some strange voodoo-type magic there. We’ve sat down and tried to figure it out from a scientific point of view, but there’s something about four guys.”

Along with this information about the unique gameplay Evolve will offer, details on the specific classes of the four “hunters”, as they will be called, have been revealed as well:


Val: The medic, who comes equipped with a “medgun” that will heal individual players as well as an area-of-effect healing ability that can spread to all players if need be. As far as how she contributes to damaging the monster, she carries a sniper rifle for long range assault and a tranquilizer gun that slows the monster down and makes it light up on the Hunters’ displays.


Markov: Your prototypical assault class, Markov carries an assault rifle and a “lightning rifle”, which is basically a shotgun. He also comes equipped with his own personal shield and proximity mines to be used on the beast.

Bold move putting Si from Duck Dynasty in the game

Hank: The support class. The support class’s job will be to assist the other Hunters and help them reach their full potential. He does this by providing teammates with a defensive boost through his shield projector, as well as using his laser cannon to call down orbital barrages on the monster to dictate its movements.


Griffin: The trapper class, which carries the coolest weapon in the game: a harpoon gun. The harpoon gun can straight up stop the monster in its tracks when used correctly, thus Griffin is the “trapper” class. He also carries a submachine gun.

Of course, players will be able to level up throughout the match, customizing their weapons along the way. Ammunition is unlimited, though weapons can overheat and become unable to fire, so players must be smart throughout the battle.

Now, the flipside of controlling these four different classes is controlling the monster itself. The game will feature many types of monsters, each with its own various abilities. At the beginning of the match, the monster will not be powerful enough to eliminate all 4 players at once, which is where the “evolve” aspect of the game comes into play. There will be lots of AI wildlife for the monster to hunt, similar to the AI animals in Tomb Raider or Skyrim.

The one drawback to this element is that traversing the game’s environment leaves footprints, which the hunters can follow to track the player controlling the monster down. This game is a classic case of hunt or be hunted though, so you gotta “risk it for the biscuit” as they say here in the lovely South. These are just the first few details Turtle Rock has chosen to release for Evolve. There will be more to come as the game’s release date draws closer, and we’ll keep you updated as new information pours in.

The hunt is on Fall 2014 for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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