KITE Movie Trailer is Intense and Action-Packed

If you’re looking for a film with high action and high intensity that’s packed with captivating plot twists, add Kite to your must-see movie list. Kite, directed by Ralph Ziman and written by Yasoumi Umetsu is an Americanized version of the favorite 1988 Japanese anime graphic novel, brought to life on the big screen. Check out the Trailer, with introduction by Samuel L. Jackson:


This film documents the life and crimes of main character Sawa, as she avenges her parent’s killers. Sawa, played by India Eisley (Secret Life of the American Teenager), is a strong independent young woman who’s out for blood. Traumatized and jaded by her parent’s untimely and brutal deaths, Sawa has it out for anyone even remotely involved in her parent’s murders. She shows no mercy as her tactics, disguises and murder weapons are designed to surprise any unsuspecting victim, as well as the audience. Often pretending to be a weak, innocent girl, she sneakily snakes herself into the lives of her parent’s assassins and seeks revenge before anyone sees it coming.


Sawa is known as an armed and dangerous assassin, so it comes as no surprise that she is a person of interest for many. To protect herself, she has several aliases, disguises, martial arts moves and like all young bad-girls, a guardian. Sawa’s protector and her father’s ex-partner on the police force, Karl, who is played by Samuel L. Jackson, does all that he can to help the blood-thirsty girl stay alive and out of the hands of her enemies.

He knows her tactics, favorite weapons and her next move. He is always willing to become a part of the action in any of her daring murder plots. All epic tales are not complete without a love story. Australian actor, Callan McAulliffe (The Great Gatsby) plays the mysterious and intriguing love interest for Sawa, adding depth, heart and even more suspense to this twisted plot.

As is true for every killer, the lifestyle of a wanted murderess can’t last forever. What happens when Sawa’s safety is compromised on her quest to silence the person responsible for her parents’ violent deaths, leads to plot turns you’ll never see coming.

Release Date

The film, which is set to release in early 2014, is highly anticipated by all anime fans and action film enthusiasts. Be prepared for nothing less than controversial violence, action and ninja-like martial arts when you see this movie. All of Sawa’s victims face their deaths in viscous and bloody murders. She uses knives, explosives, swords, inventive weapons and guns she could have bought at the Lancaster gun shop, to off her enemies. It comes as no surprise that this movie isn’t for the squeamish or the faint of heart.

Take a break from your everyday life and take a glimpse into the secret life of a deadly, wanted assassin in Kite. This compelling, surprising and vengeful film will have you glued to your seat. Just be thankful that you aren’t an enemy of this armed, dangerous and blood-thirsty teenage girl.

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