GIRL OF STEEL Fan Film (2014)

We received our first look at a pretty impressive Supergirl fan film, titled Girl of Steel, expected to be released sometime in 2014. If you can stomach a little cheesy dialog, the plotline, awesome fight scenes, and visual effects actually make it look pretty cool. And that Supergirl has some moves! This kind of quality for a fan film is impressive to say the least. One of my favorite parts (aside from the cute Flash, ahem) is the powerful music, which comes from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). I imagine that won’t transcend into the movie, but it’s still a great soundtrack.

I guess in this movie, Supergirl is an Australian called to protect her country. And coming from a continent full of like 95% of the world’s most dangerous spiders, snakes, insects, and drop bears, she might likely be the best candidate to save mankind, having braved that place for so long. She’s less brute force like Superman, and more acrobatics and high kicks like a ninja, reminding me a little bit of River Tam from Serenity as she climbs up walls and flip kicks her enemies to the curb.

Girl of Steel 1

As far as the plotline go, the CIA equivalent in Australia has detected an alien invasion, and they are calling on Supergirl to help. Well duh, where else would you turn if you had an epic superhero like Supergirl on your radar – of course you want her on your team!

Directed by Vincent Tran, it’s really hard to believe that this is a fan film and not a preview for a show coming out on the CW to air alongside Arrow. I am absolutely going to stay tuned and give this a full watch. Female superhero films, fan or not, are few and far between, and this fan film could actually be pretty great.

Check out this neat behind the scenes footage. Also give their Facebook page a like to stay tuned for updates!

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