I, FRANKENSTEIN Trailer Introduces a New Kind of Monster

Frankenstein’s monster has been portrayed in numerous forms throughout cinematic history. Perhaps most recognizable portrayal is the bumbling yet threatening creation in Boris Karloff‘s 1931 classic Frankenstein. Now, Australian writer-director Stuart Beattie has developed a new twist on the cult horror classic with his upcoming film I, Frankenstein. Starring Aaron Eckhart (Thank You for Smoking, The Dark Knight) as Adam Frankenstein, an intelligent superhuman interpretation of the monster, the film chronicles Frankenstein’s involvement in a war between two deadly clans. Demons, gargoyles and other monsters appear throughout the film, which judging by the trailer seems to pack plenty of action and suspense into a visually stunning film. Let’s just say it’s quite distant from the Karloff original:

The trailer for I, Frankenstein immediately asserts the presence of Adam Frankenstein. “I was given life 200 years ago. I am like none other,” he bellows at the beginning of the trailer, before a series of visually stimulating action scenes took place. With strength, speed and stamina far beyond any other human, Frankenstein must partake in a war that he is apparently “already a part of.” In somewhat of an ironic take, Frankenstein appears sympathetic to the human cause. “Come with me, there’s an entire army of monsters like me, tens and thousands of them,” he warns Terra, a physiologist played by Yvonne Strahovski who strives to discover the secrets or resurrection and eternity. “It could be the end of all mankind.”

Frankenstein’s words of warning launch into a variety of action-packed scenes, though also with bursts of interesting character development, such as when the ice-cold queen of gargoyles, played by Miranda Otto, comments on the darkness in Frankenstein’s eyes. A few moments later, Terra reminds Frankenstein that he will only be perceived as a monster if his moral code reflects that of one. The film seems likely to touch on Frankenstein’s relationship with society and humans as a whole. What follows these short conversations in the trailer is a tease of the city-wide battle between gargoyles, demons and whatever other monsters emerge from the darkness. The battle is probably not symbolic of the relationship between businesses and buyers in business acquisition financing, but viewers can be assured that character development and action scenes seem to tread a steady balance nonetheless, at least judging by the trailer.

How Frankenstein decides the fate of this war remains to be seen, but it is apparent that I, Frankenstein boasts a cast that should keep things engrossing. In addition to Eckhart, Strahovski and Otto, respected British actor Bill Nighy assumes the role of Naberius, the demons’ leader and one of the original fallen angels as chronicled in several religious texts. Viewers may be more accustomed to Nighy playing kindly guardian-like figures in films like About Time and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but his versatility leaves no room for doubt that he will play an excellent villain. With a strong cast and engaging battle scenes, I, Frankenstein seems poised to be one of 2014’s first exciting action films. Stuart Beattie’s Frankenstein reboot hits US theatres on January 24th.

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