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Elder Scrolls Online Announces Voice Cast

The Elder Scrolls series has never shied away from getting attracting some top notch voice talent in their more recent games, gathering such thespians as Patrick Stewart, Max von Sydow, Joan Allen, Michael Hogan, and Mario himself, Charles Martinet. Their upcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online, now boasts an equally impressive cast:

elder scrolls online

They’ve hired a bevy of grade-A voice actors all with their own backgrounds in fantasy and general geekdom:

  • John Cleese
  • Michael Gambon
  • Kate Beckinsale
  • Malcolm McDowell
  • Lynda Carter
  • Bill Nighy
  • Alfred Molina

There’s even an extended voice cast reveal detailing the characters they’ll be playing:



I kind of love this video in that professional, respected actors like Michael Gambon and John Cleese seem to be talking up what they feel is probably a step down, perhaps. Check out John Cleese checking his watch during his line readings and rolling his eyes, or Michael Gambon wax lovingly over his ability to play a blind character by closing his eyes. I think they might be taking the piss a little bit, having a chuckle, but something tells me they feel a tad awkward talking about these goshdarn electronics games.

Kate Beckinsale seems a tad bewildered by the whole experience, but seemed to have a good time. Alfred Molina is more at ease, probably due to his Spiderman 2 days of having to act to a green screen, and generally being an unpretentious actor. I’ll have to say the highlight for me is Bill Nighy riffing on his character’s crown and how it could use a spitshine now and then. And Malcom McDowell plays Molag Bal (or “Little Mo” for short, as he puts it) with oily viciousness, of which I highly approve. Yet they didn’t seem to get Lynda Carter on camera for this? She’s been a staple of the Elder Scrolls series since Morrowind. Bad form, Bethesda, bad form.

It’s positively Brit-tastic. The big news here is that Bethesda even bothered to gather such a well-known cast, which tells me that big video games like this seem to be worthy of spending a pretty penny for these voices. They’re basically trying to give their game star power, big budget film level caliber of acting to spiff up their $200 million investment.

The Elder Scrolls Online walks down the red carpet on April 4th, 2014 for PC/Mac, and June 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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