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EA Sports UFC Preview – Will It Be A Next-Gen Knockout?

As UFC’s brand grows both domestically and globally, it is only natural that they strive to reach a broader audience through a revamped, next-gen console game. When it was announced that EA Sports would be taking over the franchise and developing this game, simply titled EA Sports UFC, fans everywhere were understandably skeptical.

EA tends to be the ultimate toss-up when it comes to the success of its games, and with the recent backlash the company received following the utter disaster that was the Battlefield 4 launch, they’re definitely taking a big risk with this UFC game.

Poor EA :(
Poor EA. 🙁

Personally, I ride or die with EA. We’re talking about the company that created such masterpieces as 007 Nightfire, MVP Baseball 2005, NBA Live 2006, and what I consider to be the quintessential video game, the FIFA franchise. However, I’m well aware that those past successes mean nothing in regards to these untested waters they’re entering with this UFC title. So will they sink or swim?

Now, let’s talk about what will be brought to the table in EA Sports UFC. What sticks out right off the bat is the fact that it will be released for Xbox One and PS4 exclusively, similar to what EA did with NBA Live 14 this past fall (which it should be noted was a MASSIVE failure). This allows for the game to run at 1080p, which in layman’s terms means it’ll have pretty sweet graphics.

EA recently released the first set of screenshots from the game, and admittedly they look quite impressive. With all the violent contact and real-time injuries that fighters incur during UFC bouts, EA has a real chance to show off what it can truly do graphics-wise on these next-gen consoles.


As far as the actual content of the game, EA has revealed a new feature called “MMAi”, which basically means that AI opponents are much more realistic and smarter than in previous UFC games, making for more unpredictable and challenging fights. They also have put a lot of emphasis on the game’s “dynamic striking” in which a player will have roundhouse kicks, superman punches, and various other powerful moves with which they can deliver a finishing blow on their opponent. In addition to this revamped gameplay players can now interact with the octagon, an awesome feature not included in previous UFC games that should get hardcore UFC fans pretty excited about playing this.

This is certainly a big risk for EA, but kudos to them for rolling the dice. They have had success in the past with the similar Fight Night franchise, so they are certainly capable of making an enjoyable, realistic fighting game. There’s only one thing left to say to them…


EA Sports UFC is scheduled for release in Spring 2014. It will be available on both Xbox One and PS4 and can also be played online.






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