DEVIL’S DUE: Be Ready To Get Scared By This Devil Baby Prank

The cinema industry always shoots so many different and interesting movies to cheer and attract the audience. There are so many various genres suited to every fancy. This January the movie makers are ready to give a great gift for horror movie fans. This movie has everything to give you chills and hold your breath waiting for the next scene. New Devil’s Due trailer is already available and gives a glimpse on what could happen after one careless night.

The movie is filmed in famous found footage genre, it makes the movie more realistic and gives the opportunity to be present in the story and live through the moments together with the main characters. Co-directors and screenwriters did a great job by writing so frightful scenes, choosing great actors and filming the true horror movie with so many different and dazzled elements. The screenwriters preset the story about young couple preparing for their big day, after Zach made the proposal to his girlfriend Samantha. From the beginning the story is so bright, two loving people, wedding cares, plans for honeymoon. But with every scene the plot becomes more and more mysterious.

After the wedding of their dreams, the young and happy newlyweds are ready to spend their honeymoon. They fly to Dominican Republic to celebrate the beginning of their new life. These days are full of fun, interesting places, love and sun. One evening while the lovers were strolling the tight city streets, they run onto a palm-reader and Sam, just for fun, asks him to tell her about the future. The palm-reader tells Sam that something scary is waiting for her but the couple decides not to bother about that and instead of thinking about the warning, they head to a local bar. Sam and Zach spent the night partying and drinking. Neither of them can remember the last night events when the newlyweds wake up next morning.

The couple returns home after amazing and unforgettable honeymoon, several days later Sam starts feeling not so well and discovers that she is expecting her first child. The news knock out Zach and Sam but a doctor and the ultrasound prove the couple is going to become young parents. All family is excited about the new member but Zach notices the pregnancy is going a little bit strange and Sam is acting different as well. She cannot resist and can eat amounts of meat all the time, despite the fact she was a strict vegetarian. Sam also has become very strong and can smash the window of a car with bare hands. Things get worse when Zach starts to hear voices and see moving things. The months are passing and situation is out of control…

Before the movie is in theaters, you also can watch an awesome and hilarious devil baby prank organized by the promotion crew to attract and interest more people with the upcoming horror film. Watch and enjoy how people react, when they see Devil baby on the streets of New York. This winter not only weather will make you chilly.

[youtube id=”PUKMUZ4tlJg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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