Watch: BRIGHTEST STAR Trailer Includes Favorites Clark Gregg and Allison Janney

And so, we delve into the trailer for the upcoming somewhat-indie flick Brightest Star. Trailers can reveal quite a bit about a movie, at least what the producers of said movie want to portray before we actually get to watch it. In the case of this particular film, we get that very distinct overly artistic feeling that indie films often radiate.

However, one of the best parts about this film is the fact that you’ve got several big names playing rather backgroundish support roles to the main characters. Nothing boosts the credibility of a small-budget flick like having Allison Janney, Clark Gregg (whom you will know from The Avengers), and Peter Jacobson do what they do best on screen.

The Suspected Plot

Brightest Star’s trailer begins with the main character dealing with obvious internal conflict. While we have no clue what the main character’s (Chris Lowell) actual name is (according to IMDB, his character’s name is “The Boy,” what?), we can tell that he seems to have been thrust into a difficult situation. Such a situation requires a “journey of the heart” to figure out what he wants, and of course there seems to be a question of … is she the one for me?

The conundrum of The Boy comes down to the devastating breakup of a prim, proper and white-picket-fence type girl, known as Charlotte (Rose McIver). Of course, the aloofly intelligent, free spirited and wise artistic singer, Lita (Jessica Szohr), believes that the main character needs to admit his “problem” of being so up tight about the girl.

Also, The Boy appears to be rather unsatisfied with his successes in the corporate business world, as the short sequence of button-down Oxford shirts and ties gives the appearance of sanitized, pristine serfdom at the lordship of his boss (Gregg). It’s uncertain if our hero was a part of some financial institution or worked at a public sector executive search company, but it doesn’t matter either way: If you wear a shirt and tie to work, then you’re a slave. Charlotte would have wanted him to be that way — but what does Lita say? Where does his heart lead him?

And so, we consult the astronomer lady (Janney) with the adventurous-looking hat and the giant telescope. She appears to lead him to the “universe,” and expands this post-college boy’s mind about the way of things. At the very end of the trailer, we see the astronomer lady looking at something beyond the telescope and saying … wait for it … “There. The brightest star in the sky.” If that’s not adorable, then I don’t know what is!

The Take?

The trailer has already inspired me enough to know exactly what the film will be like, what’s going to happen, and pretty much how it will end. Will it be a public indictment of all evils corporate and successful? Most likely. Will it be a movie made for the open minded, free-spirited indie filmgoer? Most likely. Will our hero choose the path least traveled by the end of the movie? Most likely.

Do I need to see the film to know what’s going to be in it, based on what I’ve seen in the trailer? Nope. If there were ever a clichéd plot, this is probably walking lock step with the thousands of other “inspirational” films telling the audience to travel along the unbeaten path to happiness. The best redeeming quality of the movie is certainly going to be Janney, Gregg and Jacobson’s contributions to the film. Is it worth seeing? Go for it, especially if you’re into this kind of movie. It may be predictable, but if you’re looking for a feel-good story, this is one to check out.


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