THE BABADOOK Trailer is a Chilling Must-Watch

It all begins with a bedtime story. Sam – Noah Wiseman – asks his mother Amelia – Essie Davis – to read a picture book titled “Mister Babadook” before going to bed. After hearing the story, Sam begins to fear a monster in the house, but Amelia assumes it’s nothing. While Sam’s teachers think the boy has some behavioral issues that need to be fixed, Amelia believes it’s just a fear of an imaginary monster and tells her son his obsession needs to stop. However, Amelia soon discovers her son’s fears may be justified when the terrifying monster begins to haunt her as well.

The story of The Babadook, directed by Jennifer Kent, seems to be a bit of a cliché within the horror genre. There have been many movies before this that have used the plot of a child believing a monster from a story is real and having the parent doubt it, only for the adult to realize the child was right. And yet, The Babadook gave me the chills and freaked me out more than any horror trailer I’ve seen in a while.

The trailer for The Babadook does an excellent job of establishing the tone of the movie. The background music, combined with the sound clips from the movie, creates a chilling ambience. Amelia’s progression from an ordinary mother to a woman whose mental and physical health has been impacted by this monster was clearly shown. While we can guess some of the things that happen — such as the book possibly changing to include the readers into its scary story — we don’t know everything. The trailer explains enough about the events that follow Amelia reading the book to her son without revealing the whole plot.

Another feature that worked well was incorporating images from the book that Amelia reads to her son. The images, particularly the monster in the story, add to the creepiness. When the Babadook appeared in the trailer, it was always fleeting shots — just enough to see the long fingers or the pale white mask.

The Babadook doesn’t look like any other horror film. What makes this one stand out from any other scary movie? There’s just something about it that’s tough to explain. Maybe it’s because I have a kid of my own and know how terrifying it can be when he starts yelling during a night, but this one really got to me.  Sure, similar story lines have been done, this this one just looks darker. It’s gotten some pretty great reviews already, too.

Hopefully we’re not disappointed, but The Babadook looks like it is a well-made horror film with some decent acting in it. Although the plot has been used before, the trailer does a good job of showing the mood. I have a feeling that I’ll see this, love it, but regret it the first time I’m alone in my house on a stormy night.


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