ARCHER Season Four Blu-Ray Review

Archer started out as one of the biggest surprises on television, and with it’s fifth season having kicked off last weekend, it has now turned into one of the biggest animated shows on television. In Season 4, our favorite gang of Secret Agents went travelling all around the world, finding themselves in pickles in a different country every week it seemed!

As always with TV Blu Ray’s for shows like this, the special features are some of the best parts on the discs. While it’s tough for an animated TV show to have the traditional gag reels or deleted scenes, it was a bit disappointing to see that there were just two special features on the whole blu ray. Even more disappointing, one of them, Fishermnan’s Daughter, was an all together unfunny anime cartoon that most of the gang simply watched on TV.  The feature was only about five minutes long, and I would have at least expected it to be the length of a standard Archer episode.

However, the second feature, Archer Live!, was rather entertaining. Just like it sounds, this feature profiled the cast going to an even for a “live reading” where they were able to effectively get various audience members involved. There was quite a funny pantamime bit where an actor lip synced H Jon Benjamin’s voice while he pull a female audience member on stage. Once she was on, Benjamin popped out from the back, and tried to get a kiss from the nervous but willing member. Other gags included one fan reading as Cyril, the cast reenacting a car chase scene on stage, and various cast members shooting T-shirts into the audience.


Onto the episodes from Season 4, a few of them are worthy of being highlighted. Overall, Season 4 was certainly not my favorite seasons of the show, but it still provided some cringeworthy hilarious moments. Who could forget “Once Bitten”, where Archer is stung on the butt by a scorpion.

Or what about “Legs”, were Ray gets a brand new set of bionic legs. And lastly, there was “Un Chien Tangerine”, because, look at that puppy’s face!

As we said before, there has been better Archer episodes in season’s past. But it is a solid installment in what has quietly become one of the best, cult classic comedies on TV right now.

Want to buy Season 4 of Archer? Buy it here!

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