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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” Recap

Happy 2014, everyone!  Let the horrors continue!

Picking up right off from 2013’s American Horror Story: Coven blood-soaked cliffhanger.  Fiona consoles Marie Laveau, whose entire coven was just blasted to bits by witch-hunter Hank Foxx.  Laveau doesn’t like to be seen as weak, though she is moved by Fiona’s kindness.  That evening, as Laveau sleeps in the coven house, a dark shadow glides across the room.  Laveau finds herself speaking with a scary voodoo man, who tells her that it’s time to pay up.

This is DEFINITELY the face of a guy you want to make deals with.
This is DEFINITELY the face of a guy you want to make deals with.

Moments later, Laveau breaks into a hospital in the middle of the night.  She forces an orderly to open the doors for her and steals a baby.  As she tries to make her escape, policemen arrive.  Using a voodoo ululation, Laveau forces the two cops to shoot each other, and the witch disappears into the night.

The next morning Laveau, Cordelia, and Fiona watch a surveillance video of Hank blowing away the voodoo coven.  Cordelia thinks it’s her fault, but Laveau reveals that she’s the one who hired Hank in the first place, since the white witches were her sworn enemies.  Even so, Fiona slaps Cordelia hard across the face, feeling that Cordelia indeed is at fault for her relationship with a witch-hunter right under their nose.  Knowing witch hunters never act alone, Fiona decides, “We don’t have to waste time with these worker bees, we have to find the hive.”

In another room, Misty Dance dances and sings to Stevie Nicks (does she really do anything else?).  Fiona enters, and Misty grows prickly, reminding the older witch that she cannot be killed, not that Misty has any desire to be the Supreme anyway.  Fiona tells Misty how powerful being the Supreme can actually be; how it gives one influence, and powerful friends.  Fiona takes Misty downstairs to reveal another witch: Stevie Nicks herself!  Upon seeing her idol in the flesh, Misty Day faints.

Nan, Madison, and Zoe return to the coven, discussing Queenie’s death.  Madison isn’t convinced Queenie is actually dead (we don’t find out one way or the other this episode).  They hear a piano playing, and investigate to see Stevie Nicks playing “Rihannon” (the first song we heard Misty play in her shack in the swamp), with Misty dancing to it.  When finished, Stevie gives Misty her shawl, and Madison is clearly jealous.  Storming into the next room, Madison retorts, “I came back from the dead!”  “Yeah, Misty brought you back,” reminds Zoe.  Nan says even she could be the Supreme, since her powers are growing; she’s even learned to do mind control.  Madison doesn’t believe her, until Nan forces her to put out her cigarette, and almost gets Madison to then stick it in her vagina (yuck!).  Luckily Zoe stops Madison just in time.  Zoe reminds Madison that she can’t be the Supreme because of her heart murmur, but Madison says the murmur has disappeared since her resurrection.  Nan listens and confirms it’s true.  Madison tells the other young girls that she wants to schedule a display of the seven wonders…her powers vs. Misty’s (we still don’t know what the seven wonders are exactly yet, though we’ll probably find out in the final episode, called “The Seven Wonders”).

Meanwhile, Cordelia has done her research, showing both Fiona and Laveau the Delphi company, and Harrison Renard, the CEO (Renard is French for “Fox,” her husband’s surname).  Cordelia has learned they’re actually witch-hunters dating all thew way back to Salem.  A plan is devised to cut off the company’s money using their witch powers, though Fiona refuses to let Cordelia help.  Laveau and Fiona place mice in a maze surrounded by money.  As the mice wander through the maze and spells are chanting, it’s intercut with workers moving in and out of the Delphi hallways, and a search and seizure from the IRS occurs at the company.  One of the mice (representing Harrison?) is caught in a trap, which causes Fiona to faint from the toll of the spells (that’s two faints this episode!).

On the way to see Luke, Nan and Zoe chat together about how Madison can’t be the Supreme because she’s just a big meanie (not that it made any difference for Fiona), and Zoe remarks how Nan doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  Upon arriving at the hospital however, they learn that Luke has died, and Nan is horribly upset.  Perhaps we’ll see a “mean” side of her yet…

In the house, Laveau revives Fiona from her fainting spell with incense of rattler viper sperm (lovely!).  Fiona tells Laveau how she is growing weaker because one of the girls is emerging, and asks Laveau if she’s ever been in love.  Laveau says she has, and there’s a quick flash of the minotaur (from way back in episode one).  Fiona tells Laveau how it was only recently that she found love, and it gave her the passion to keep fighting.  Fiona wants the secret to Laveau’s immortality, but Laveau refuses at first.  Finally Laveau tells her how she sold her soul to Papa Lega (a real Haitian voodoo deity, by the way), telling Fiona about long ago when she was pregnant and felt invincible because she was so powerful.  Legba approached her and offered her eternal life, but as payment she had to give him her baby (once again the show’s motif of motherhood shines through).  Now, once a year, Legba comes to Laveau asking for sacrifice.  Fiona wants to know how to meet Legba, and Laveau responds, “If you want him bad enough, he’ll hear you.”

Misty (wearing Stevie’s shawl) and Madison follow a New Orleans horse-drawn funeral procession, band in tow.  Madison tells Misty how because Fiona and Stevie gave her gifts, they’ll want something in return now (a lesson she learned from her Hollywood upbringing).  Misty is incredulous, but Madison retorts, “Players only love you when they’re playing” (a line from Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”).  Misty says she won’t be fooled; she’s not stupid.  Madison asks her to prove it.

They approach a funeral coffin, and Madison asks Misty to enchant the two gravediggers.  Misty does so, and Madison “proves” she’s just as powerful as Misty by opening the coffin with telekinesis.  Inside, the man comes alive…whoa!  Madison tells Misty to cast away Stevie’s shawl into the (now empty) coffin and be her own witch, not the imitation of another.  Misty tries to give up her gift from Stevie, but can’t.  Just as Misty clutches the shawl again Madison knocks Misty unconscious into the coffin with a brick.  Madison steals the shawl and revives the two gravediggers, who will go about their work to bury Misty (oh no!).  Was it all a trick?  Did Madison really revive the guy in the coffin (I’m doubtful)?  Either way, I’m worried for my favorite character!

Nan and Zoe go to see Luke’s mother in order to find the name of the mortuary with the hope of reviving him (hey, it worked with Kyle…sort of).  Unfortunately Luke’s mother reveals that he has been cremated (and it will be hard to revive all those particles of ash).  Nan is furious, since her second sight allows her to see that Luke’s mother suffocated him with a pillow.  Nan uses telekinesis to throw both the mother and Zoe across the room, and then with mind control forces the mother to DRINK BLEACH (whoa!).

Back at the coven, Cordelia tries to focus in the nursery while Myrtle plays the theremin (a very difficult instrument to play, by the way).  Myrtle finds this practice soothing, but Cordelia feels that nothing can soothe her soul, since she has nothing to offer the coven anymore.  Myrtle says she felt the same way until she reemerged from the fire.  Cordelia can’t take it anymore, growing hysterical, smashing potted plants and beakers (great acting from Sarah Paulson, by the way).  Meanwhile at the Delphi company, their stock has plummeted within a day, and Harrison knows that something is up.  It’s time to deal with the witches (just not in this episode, I guess…).

In her room alone, Fiona offers some cocaine, whispering to Papa Legba.  His shadow appears, and Legba snorts some of the drug through his long fingernails.  Legba asks Fiona for her soul in order to give her freedom from death, and Fiona agrees, though she wants terms defined…no aging, no decrepitude.  He concurs, though this will come at a price.  One day a year she will have to do something terrible, such as crippling her daughter or murdering someone she loves.  The deal is sealed with a kiss (ewww).  Upon doing so, however, Legba realizes something is amiss, and tells Fiona, “The deal is off.  You have nothing to sell, you have no soul,” and he disappears.

The Axeman appears to Fiona next.  “Bum luck baby, no sale,” he whispers.  The only option is to find the young witch who is causing Fiona to wither away.  “I have no soul,” Fiona scoffs while snorting some cocaine, “I’ll just kill them all.”

Returning to the coven, Zoe wonders if Nan could be the next Supreme.  Nan hears a baby crying, and finds it in a hidden wardrobe.  Laveau finds them, as this was the baby she was planning to sacrifice.  Fiona tells Nan to give the baby back, and Nan begrudgingly does so.  Once the younger girls have left, Laveau admits to Fiona it’s for Papa Legba, since he needs an innocent soul as an offering.  Fiona thinks, “Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone.”  We abruptly cut to…the two witches DROWNING NAN IN A BATHTUB.

Your clairvoyance didn't help you THIS time, did it?
Your clairvoyance didn’t help you THIS time, did it?

Legba arrives.  “I was very clear,” he says scowling, “no substitutions.”

“She’s innocent, mostly,” Fiona replies.  “She killed the neighbor but the bitch had it coming.”  Wait, isn’t this the same Nan who earlier in the episode tried to force Madison to put a cigarette in her own vagina, and also claims not to be a virgin?  Ehh, whatever.  Either way, Legba is displeased, and beside him Ghost Nan appears.  He takes Nan under his arm and tells her that the next world will be “filled with treats for a girl like you.”  Ghost Nan glares at her two killers, muttering, “Anywhere is better than here.”

In the final scene, Stevie plays at the piano “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You,” while Fiona listens, years running down her soulless cheeks.

With only three episodes left, it looks like Fiona is going to go on a rampage to kill the remaining young witches in her household, while the witch-hunters draw in themselves.  And what happened to Misty?  Is she OK?  We also didn’t see any Kyle, nor Queenie or LaLaurie’s head (if alive, I’m betting Queenie and LaLaurie escaped together).  Either way, it will be interesting to see the witches web draw to a close in the remaining weeks.

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