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The Monuments Men is an upcoming action thriller starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville and John Goodman. Set for release in February 2014, the trailer’s fast paced visual production portrays the plot’s excitement.

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Upon the first fade in, the trailer presents Clooney and Damon in a bar/restaurant setting. The war premise immediately becomes evident with the imagery of fire and armed soldiers and the efforts on the part of a great enemy are revealed. The Nazis are burning buildings, bridges and art, and the goal of Monuments Men is to protect these assets.

In between the imagery, the trailer continues with the initial briefing. There is uncertainty as to whether an unlikely group comprised of museum directors, curators and historians can really have a chance of success. Basic training is highlighted, as is the goal of getting conditioned for the challenge of preventing the Nazis from getting to rich cultural assets.

Building the Public’s Interest

The movie’s intention is expressed well without too much plot given away. It is clear that the characters’ mission is about as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Evidently an action-focused trailer, it does sway between serious war action and dry humor. While this may be surprising to anyone familiar with the subject matter, it makes sense given the cast. A combination of notable serious and comic actors dominates the bits of dialog throughout the trailer.

Nonetheless, the trailer goes far in developing the plot tension: the impossibility of sneaking behind enemy lines and successfully preventing destruction. After all, they’re more familiar with museum art than guns and warfare. This is years before things like computers and contractor estimating software would be able to help them out on their mission. Seven men are tasked with protecting 1,000 years of culture despite their individual shortcomings. Monumental cultural buildings, bridges needed for transportation and irreplaceable works of art from the most notable artists, such as Michelangelo, are at stake. If destroyed, they can never be replaced. The enemy’s nature is historically known; it will kill anything that gets in its way.

A Plot of Uncertainty

How can success be achieved given the circumstances? Without being too corny, serious or silly, the trailer auspiciously presents a film that could easily be predictable and witty, but which might also take any number of twists and turns. While a true story, there seems to be enough departure from reality (perhaps with the faces of Clooney, Goodman, Damon, Murray, etc.) to make it somewhat of an escape for the viewer. At the same time, the trailer sparks interest in a story with fast-paced action, likeable characters, a solid goal, plot twists and witty lines.

While it is quite clear how contractor estimating software does its job and benefits its users, there is much speculation as to how The Monuments Men will achieve their goal. A second by second fight for survival ensues as the platoon breaks through to preserve as much art and culture as it possibly can. It seems like an implausible goal. The mission and its perseverance make one wonder whether these guys just might have a shot.

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