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Another Disney film featuring sports heroes is coming to our screens next spring, but this film looks like it’s going to be doing things a little differently. This lengthy trailer recently  hit the web, and it comes in at nearly 3 minutes. It tells us quite a bit about what the movie is likely to be about and gives us a general feel about the overall plot and its characters. Million Dollar Arm appears to be a great movie for the whole family to see, as well as those interested in the inner workings of the sport world.

The Plot

Million Dollar Arm seems similar to the iconic Jerry Maguire that hit theaters in the nineties and soon became a cult classic. The film is based around the true story of two Indians, Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, who were hired by Sports Agent, J.B. Bernstein (portrayed by Jon Hamm) after they win a reality TV contest. Bernstein sets out to find the world’s first Major League Baseball pitchers from India after his high-roller life as a sports agent starts to turn sour. In a story that’s sure to be full of laughs about cultural differences, as well as finding family wherever it comes from, Million Dollar Arm is definitely a family flick.

Hamm is obviously at the center of things, but it looks like the film is also going to focus on the love interest neighbor, who’s a doctor. The kids from India that struggle to not only master Baseball but find a fit for themselves in American culture also seem to be a primary part of the plot.


While Bernstein is the main focus in the beginning, it soon shifts to Rinku and Dinesh (portrayed by Suraj Sharma and Madhur Mittal, respectively) whom are skilled cricketers in their home of India. Pitching on the Baseball field is much different from bowling with a straight arm in the humidity of the Far East and, as such, the two struggle to master the different throwing styles. Along the way, Bernstein’s neighbor, Brenda (portrayed by Lake Bell), becomes another focal point and reminds Bernstein that family is often more important than success. Bell’s character clearly helps steer Disney’s latest film towards a heart-warming family classic that is sure to be a hit next year.

What to Expect

With Million Dollar Arm being a Disney production aimed at the family, it may not appeal to those looking for something dark and mysterious. Instead, this will most likely be a family film or a first date type of movie. It could even be an uplifting, heart-warming option for a rehab center.  It’s certainly a movie that will put smiles on faces and maybe restore a little faith in humanity, as we see two Indians find a new home for themselves in America. It’s no secret that Jerry Maguire will have influenced the creators here, and the fact that this is a true story should help moviegoers better attach themselves to the characters.

Following in the footsteps of such an iconic classic isn’t going to be easy, but America is now part of a more global society since Maguire hit screens — the Eastern twist here should be appreciated by many. Million Dollar Arm is set to hit theaters in the spring of 2014.

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